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A letter has been circulating in Facebook these past several hours. According to some news blog sites, the letter was written by an Filipino-Australian citizen. Although there was no source disclosed by some news blogs due to security reasons, here’s the letter for what it looked like a narrative invention of somebody on the Net. Even so, it was a good propaganda. This is something that the Duterte supporters would want to hear. Here is the letter:

I for one don’t want Jim Paredes coming back here in Sydney, which I am a FILO born and grew up here at a young age – it is not the Australian way and we don’t like bully – there is an anti bullying law.

I am not what so ever affiliated to any kind of political movement specially Philippines – but I like to see it change for the better. We Australian don’t tolerate or condone this kind of behaviour.

I find it appalling him bullying these kids and as a parent it is uncalled for and him being a parent also setting arrogant example and I guess his is also arrogant and bully.

He is a local Filipino columnist and a music teacher to some FILO teenagers and seeing his demeaning arrogance behaviour is disgusting.

I can only see deem fit for you guys to redeem yourself is to make a social protest to the Australian Consulate – show this scene – I know they are very strict on these matters.

Make a point that he is there for holiday not for political reasons – which they reprimand him of his actions of deceit along those lines or he is a Australian citizen and making a radical political stance overseas which he sought an allegiance to the Australian constitution. Something like that angle – anyway you know better what to do.

Thank you

Concerned Australian Citizen

What do you think about this letter? Do you think it’s genuine?


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