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Here’s an open letter written by Krizette Laureta Chu, a New York University graduate and a die-hard Duterte fan, in her Facebook account:

Dear Corazon Juliano-Soliman,

So I heard you had the temerity to file a complaint against DSWD Asec Lorraine Marie T. Badoy for her “inappropriate words” pertaining to her comments on child porn and the EU.

At first I refused to believe it. This is a joke, right? You, Dinky Soliman, officially and unanimously the Philippines’ most hated, most vilified failure of a DSWD secretary, had the actual guts to complain about someone who is, without doubt, a million times more effective, more humane, more sincere than you?

Was I living in fucking Twilight Zone? If I were as bad as you, I would slink away into nothingness and anonymity and pray that people do not remember my sins and shortcomings. But no, you, Dinky Soliman, had the AUDACITY to pretend you had the moral high ground to complain. If it weren’t so offensive to me, I’d be laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of your move.

Really, Dinky?

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