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In this video you can see APO Hiking Society member Jim Paredes intimidated Duterte supporters just outside EDSA during the 31st EDSA People Power anniversary.

At first Paredes said to one Duterte supporter, look at me, look at me. Deny your conscience. Di ka matingin anoh? And then Paredes went on to say to the Duterte supporters that they should open their minds about the 7,000 deaths since President Duterte sits as president presuming the guilt of Duterte about the ‘extra judicial killings.’

Some PRRD supporters gave Paredes a response to his bullying.

Moments after, one LP supporter yelled, umalis na kayo! Ayaw nyong umalis? Ayaw nyong umalis?

Watch the video below courtesy of Jamela Caoudron of Al Jazeera TV:


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  1. Mr. Paredes, did not understand the Spirit of EDSA 1. It was for freedom and democracy, was it not? Of course, he couldn’t. Pres. Marcos, even with his powers, NEVER used it to stop him and peers from raking becoming popular and making money. It was through Imelda Marcos’ effort to encourage the talents of Filipinos that made Paredes and his two friends became popular. I doubt if under the present situation, he and his ilks would make it. During the “martial law years”, only the greatest and best talents came out and appeared on TV to entertain the public. I never listened or watched local talents until martial law came. Ang “ganda-ganda” ng mga programs duon. This includes the films.. At that time, duon ako napaniwala na magaling pala ang Pinoy, if given the chance…Pero after martial law….singers who can’t sing, actors who can not act, stories that hardly reflects the everyday life of Filipinos. ..oh, well..

  2. LP supporters at its best…. hahahaha talking about good breeding…

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