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There is a video, purely manipulated and deliberately made to discredit and insult Senator Franklin Drilon. In a video is a netizen, obviously a Duterte supporter, who claimed to have been spoken to the Senator over the phone. You can really hear the recorded conversation between supposedly this guy and Senator Drilon.

The voice on the other end, Drilon, sounded really like Drilon. You can tell from the sound of his laughs and the distinctiveness of his voice when we hear him speak at the Senate or in a media interview. The voice really sounded like him.

The conversation is so ugly that you wonder why in the world that conversation even took place. What worse is, the guy cursed and insulted Senator Drilon on that conversation. He raised his voice to even mention some millions of money being corrupted and that them, the Liberal Party’s happy days are over under the Duterte administration. The thumbnail even is very malicious and it looked like fake with the text reads: Franklin Drilon Scandal.

Now the question is this: was the voice on the phone really Drilon’s voice? Was this guy really to have been spoken to Senator Drilon? Is the voice genuine or not?

I doubt the authenticity of the voice because how can somebody, an ordinary citizen, can speak to one of the highest position in the government just like that? In other words, we have a direct line to Senator Drilon. We can just go call the Senator so easy. Just like that. Is that possible?

Whether the voice is genuine or not, this is really bad. Very bad. This guy should have not done this. If this is the result of the Duterte cult following. I am ashamed, really ashamed for being human.


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