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Sexy actress, VJ and model Giselle Töngi, also known as G. Toengi, attacks anew one of the most powerful bloggers in the country today, Mocha Uson.

On Friday, March 10, 2017, Filipino-American actress responded to Mocha Uson tweets in Twitter, particularly one post about Vice President Leni Robredo’s controversial leaks that spread the social media called Leni Leaks, known as hashtags in social media as #LeniLeaks. Other hashtags like #LeniTrolls, ##AyawSaDilaw, #NaDuterteTayo, are also trending in line with these tweets.

This is G. Toengi’s response to Mocha Uson’s twwet, Hashtag po natin ay #LeniTrolls dahil pugad nila ang Twitter:

“a woman of substance does not need to put a woman like @lenirobredo down. Stop being a #bully.Have some humanity!”

Mocha Uson is popularly known as a very influential Duterte supporter, while G. Toengi is known for an Anti-Duterte, accused by many as a supporter of the yellow group Liberal Party.

The two continue to reason each other. Mocha Uson’s responded:

Like you and your @inquirerdotnet journalist friend bullied @Maharlika__ ? #LeniTrolls Have some humanity G!

Then also a known Duterte supporter Sass Rogando Sassot tweeted in line with the popular hashtag “LeniLeaks:

“G Toengi told Mocha Uson to stop bullying the second most powerful person in the Philippines. Girl.”

Then followers on both sides bash the rival of their idols:

Wow! Isn’t it cute to see these two beautiful women attack each other in social media?

What do you think?

{Source: CaD, Twitter}


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