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There were lots of foreigners in the past who have spoken up to the Filipinos about our President Duterte. Different foreign personalities from America, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Australia, and among others, have delivered some message to us Filipinos and President Duterte.

Filipinos were inspired by the messages the foreigners have given them. Messages that became an inspiration to them that cannot be replaced by any despair, desperation or destruction of the opposition. The majority of Filipinos’s faith and trust to President Duterte are intact.

This time another foreigner have spoken up. He is a German Medical Specialist named Norbert Gresser. He is married to a Filipina.

Through a video uploaded by NowReader via Maharlika in Facebook, the German Specialist speaks up an important message for President Rodrigo Duterte. He said: you are the hope for the Filipinos.

He also said that he has helped the victims of the typhoon Yolanda that struck Tacloban City, Leyte, in 2013. Leyte was the hometown of his wife.

The German also said that in heart he is already a Filipino. He also said he has already seen the changes in the Philippines.

To hear his whole message, watch the video on



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