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Lea Salonga requests that Pinoys join behind the President if the nation needs to accomplish a Singapore-like order on her Facebook post.

Solidarity! Stop the bickerings! These are the general assumption resounded in the viral post of the international star on Facebook that reverberates among the netizens who read it. ALSO READ: Lea Salonga Lambasts ABS-CBN for Wrong Report

In a Facebook post, Lea Salonga reviews the Michael Fay episode in Singapore in the 1990’s.

Ms. Salonga reviews the gigantic objection from Western nations censuring the primitive demonstration of the Singaporean government on national TV and print media, putting his photo that made him look defenseless, more like a youngster than somebody very nearly masculinity.

President Bill Clinton, the US president around then interceded for the benefit of the youthful American yet just figured out how to cut down the discipline from six lashings of a cane to four.

The popular Broadway performer reviewed how the Singaporeans rally behind their administration, maybe attacking Pinoys who bashed Duterte after the conciliatory indiscretion as opposed to arousing behind the President.

The performing artist says this is the sort of state of mind of Singaporeans that she has been longing for the nation.

She finished her post by urging Pinoys to join behind the President in light of the fact that, after all we are all in this together.



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  1. Bebe villahermosa

    Yes thank Ms Lea Salonga.

  2. Thank you Leah Salonga!

  3. Well said, idol Lea..Perhaps if we all, the Filipino people unite and join together, love our country and our own people; Perhaps when we had the good LEADER since the beginning like this we have at present…..God bless the Philippines with a strong leadership!!!

  4. Nice sentiments, Lea. Wrong example. You’re too bright for this.
    Please stop referencing Singapore, becasue…
    Singapore = strict implementation of Rule of Law
    Philippines = ??

    • Know the history of Singapore and you will understand. Don’t try to be a smartaleck but instead open your eyes. Dude kung walang strict implementation of rule of law malamang hindi lang 5% ang casualty. If you think the Administration is power tripping, that simple comment you left would have put you to prison.

  5. Keep it up, Lea. We’re all with you on this one.

  6. imelda maloles

    great Ms. Lea Salonga!!!……..Perhaps if most Celebrities of your kind have the brain & opinions as yours to share with our fellows…… perhaps 😉 🙂 😉 …… anyway hand in hand w/ 91% of Filipino populations with our President Duterte as our Leader and with our GOD’s HAND in us we will make it …….gogogo Sa TUNAY N PGBABAGO .God Bless Philipp

  7. Jessica dela Pena

    Thanks Ms.Saigon! If it is necessary to rally behind Duterte or be in the streets and shout ” this is the change we wanted to happened..” Lets go then!!! No iron hand can iron out this mess which we long been suffering for our love ones who wr victims of this horrible drugs ..Duterte is the answer..it was been taken for granted by his predecessors…once the UN,EU AND US COMES AND HAVE A DEBATE.. LETS SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT BEHIND THIS..

  8. As majority of Pres. Digong supporters join hands to fight for him, we, the silent minority (senior citizens like me) will be his prayer warriors to plea our Lord Jesus for his good health, sound mind, protection & guidance leading to a triumphant victory over his critics & vilest enemies in pursuing his missions of eradicating illegal drugs, corruptions , crimes & terrorisms! Godbless the Philippines!

  9. delia bennett

    Leah you are the kind of person who is a good leading influence to all Filipino women. Very practical on what we want to all Filipino Citizens. I am with you in all of your outlook how the Philippines should evolve these days.

  10. princess hadassah

    Philippines are in the process of healing… Lets continue praying… God is with us…

  11. Renalyn Nilsen

    Thank you Ms. Lea Salonga. Ang kailangan lang kasi natin is to support our President and all the leaders who wants the Real Change. Let us all be united,.and broadened our mind not for the sake of our own but for the sake of the goodness and the Progress of our Country and for our next future young generation..
    GOD BLESS US ALL and our President.

  12. Its really true, this is the best time to give our support to our president, he needs us all , so that we can have a better place to live. He needs most specially our prayers, that he may be understood to all the people who wants him to be destroyed. Phil needs this kind of president. We will support him. Gobbless Duterte. !!!

  13. Stella Mendola

    Lea is always right all the time for supporting Pres. DU30. The one who always opposed are not well educated enough. Just put your brain in the right direction ok.
    DU30 is the man for the Philippines, for all Filipino people.

  14. Lolita usaraga

    Ms Salonga, if all filipinos are thinking like you it is possible that our country will be great again

  15. Patricia G. Lopez

    That is the spirit, ms Lea Salonga. We all need to rally behind the President in his battle against our problems and critics here and abroad.

  16. Thanks a lot Ms Leah. Hope somebody wl be enlightened.

  17. Correct ka dyan miss Leah, 15 years na ako dito sa Singapore lahat dito bawal tingnan mo naman napakaliit na bansa, no 1 mayaman bansa, less crime, no corrupt politicians at peace and law order.

  18. now your talking mam leah,,,,we are all on this together…and there is no “i” on the word together…

  19. Thanks lea s. That is what we should do n together we stand divided we fall. GOD Bless citizens who want true change. Not for their own selfish ambitions but the whole state or country’s advancements n promotion .God bless d Philippines

  20. Arnold Belardo

    Nag papa bango lang si Leah ki Pres. DU30 para makatulong sa half brother niyang involved sa drugs.

    • Ow.. Look what an attitude …. Too negative… You are one of those bad apples.

    • See the attitude of these desente people LOL. The message was unity pero nakuha pa talagang haluan ng malice. Yuck, mga katulad mo ang salot at cancer sa lipunan!

  21. Kailangan maalis sa mga Pilipino ang sinasabing ningas kugon…magaling lang sa umpisa. Ang kailangan sa bawat isa ay taos puso ang pagtulong sa presidente. ‘Wag maisip sa konting ginawa sa kanyang lugar na ini- assign. Halimbawa na lang sa isang bayan o distrito.May mga barabarangay ryan bawat purok. Maaari siguro kumuha ng mga volunteer ang mga kapitan at bigyan ng assignment sila na ang incentives ay certain hours to fulfill of a maximum of 3,000 hrs requirement or more & a certificate at puede itong magsilbi na tools sa pag-apply ng tunay na trabaho. Ang ipinapahayag ko rito ay ang ang pagbubulontaryo sa gobyerno na hindi nagbabayad ang volunteer dahil pinakikinabangan naman. Ang apo ko sa pamangkin ay nagvolunteer sa ospital at sya ay nagbayad pa ng P10,000. Bakit kaya ganoon? Ngayon ang main concern ko talaga sa isinasaad ko’y ang pagbubulontaryo na taos sa puso at ang tanging kapalit ay certificate na tumulong sa gobyerno after a certain time. Maaari rin na may 1 time free meal pa as incentive. So, ito ang isang bagay na maitaguriang pagkakaisa ng bawat Pilipino.

  22. Pres. Duterte just need our support and prayers for him to make everything possible!! God please give our President more wisdom and protect him. God bless Philippines????????

    #shoutout #hearourvoice??

  23. Do what you can do for the government but not the government can do for you.

  24. We need influencial Filipino women like you to continue blogging your support to the President. Kudos and keep it up. Only Filipinos can help a fellow Filipino….

  25. Melvin Doctolero

    Lea Salonga, truly you have a bright mind and does not easily influenced or swayed by what others says or comments about something or someone. This is what a personality of her caliber as a celebrity should do. A role model for the youth and for the others to see, and think what we should really do in times like these. People who has influencial status should only say what can help us, our country and not to divide us but to make us unite. Good sentiments there Ms. Lea, if only people think like you do we can be a better nation.

  26. Esta’s OTRA idiota!!

  27. It’s been decades that I’ve been longing for this to happen. To have a TRUE LEADER with REAL VISION and IMMENSE RESOLVE…

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