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{The following article is written by Chris Malx posted in his Facebook account}

When I first heard of Duterte’s campaign speeches a year ago, I felt like I was listening to a roller coaster speech. It was not structured, some of the words were vauge, and there were counts of unfinished sentences. I really had a hard time listening to him.

But as he continued, it became more and more interesting to me as it was like listening to an older brother or a father in a convenient, less formal and friendly manner. The up and downs of his speeches were balanced by a bold, striking and future-worth-qoutations statement of his principles, ideals and plans for the Philippines. His pragmatic statements made me think that this man is not just an ordinary politician. He has an excellent sense of humour and an undiminished old man’s wisdom.

From then on, I never stopped watching him online. I watched all his speeches wherever he went, presidential debates, SONA, proclamation speech, army camp visits, project openings, visiting wounded or lost soldiers, press conferences, departure speeches, arrival speeches, ambush interviews, courtesy calls, Filipino community meetings abroad, bilateral talks, welcome ceremonies, invitational speeches and more. I did search “Duterte” in internet everyday to see what is the latest, and watched all the facebook lives from different tv networks and made it a habit to watch these after my day’s work.

I was also looking forward to hear him speak. I always wanted to know what’s going on with his leadership and his government affairs here and abroad.

What is amazing with this old man is his ability to express a spontaneous, non-scripted speech for long hours without indication of tiredness. And because it’s not scripted, you can really feel the emotions; decisiveness, honest, fatherly-love, patriotism of a true leader and a visionary.

Listening to him is like being a student of life, picking up pieces of wisdom from his words. His words are empowering and inspiring and will really make us proud in being a Filipino.

Despite of his use of expletives from time to time, it takes an intelligent mind to decipher the source of his emotions. The context of his statements is so easy to understand if you know the big picture of his leadership style. As far as I am concerned, it did not diminish my respect for him as I am just seeing a transparent and true to himself man. And I believe there is no better leader than a leader who is true to himself. A man who is a social genius, who can engage and deal with almost all strata of local and international societies without a sweat. And this is a characteristic that only few leaders possess.

As we were labelled “Dutertards” by some who declared themselves as decent, this reference doesn’t come as an insult to me at all. As a matter of fact, if somebody called me a Dutertard, I feel honored for standing up to my own belief.

And this is what makes the Dutertards the best political supporters. We stand and continue to stand to what we believe. We are not distracted by black political propaganda because we know the integrity of the government we are now supporting. We tirelessly defend the war on drugs as we know the real statistics, the real source of this problem, and the objective of this war which is to stabilize the peace and order of the country and to preserve the quality of life for all Filipinos. We are not discouraged by the negative local and international news about our our country and government because we know the real situation of our country and we strongly trust and believe our authorities. We support the Duterte government because we know, deep in our hearts, the passion of our leader to change our country into a better place to live for all Filipinos. And because of all of these, Dutertards will never be divided, but rather we silently multiply.


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