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Eric clark Su Duterte wisdom

A very interesting words from Eric Clark Su Rony Gandeza was posted 12 hours ago as of writing.

I can’t believe after all the brouhahas about the catcalling issue, people still manage to explain the brighter side of Duterte’s harsh words and misdemeanor. The Duterte Phenomenon, as we would say.

I can’t believe after all the arrogance and self-importance of journalists, Duterte still shines from the rest of them.

Rodrigo Duterte is bastos!!!
He is a rude and chauvinistic pig!
No matter how much you explain and defend him, his actions are just wrong!
Some of his behavior are unbecoming of a president!
His remarks have already caused outrage from several sectors!
And there are more!!!
His cursing caused our policemen to up their game.
His threats created fear among drug pushers and their protectors resulting to numerous drug busts in the last few weeks.
His exaggerated answer to the China crisis have allowed our fishermen to harvest again in Scarborough shoal.
His rudeness awakened a religious institution not to mingle with government affairs.
His unorthodox thinking paved the way to sincere dialogue with insurgents.
His radical ideas are keeping our streets safe from drunks and young thieves.
His gutter talk forced the Telco duopoly to improve their internet service.
All of these things are happening with his mere words, wait until you see him in action! ?
You can have your well mannered, well spoken, blame gaming, credit grabbing, disastrous and pretentious Aquinos and Roxases. I would rather have my thug Duterte on the helm of my country – Pilipinas!

TO add to that, his rudeness made journalists think twice in creating their stories to regale their readers.

Very beautiful words! Change is already happening!

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UPDATE, June 4, 2014, 8:53 AM.

NOTE: A commenter has provided the original source of the author.

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  1. You don’t need to be rude, to be bastos, to be insulting, to be disrespectful of women in order to effect change. That has been proven many times before by great national leaders. Lee Kuan Yew, didn’t do that. Juliani who cleaned up New York from gangsterism in the 80’s didn’t do that. President Park who pick up a dead nation ravaged by divisiveness, violence and war and rebuild it to life after the Korean War didn’t do that. There is no excuse for Duterte’s behavior. Being old is not an excuse. Change should begin in himself.

    • John Fontane

      I ‘m not saying that we have to be rude because our president is rude. What I’m saying, through Eric’s message, is that the bad attitude of Duterte has made the police and people in government serious on doing their jobs already.

      Duterte behaving inappropriately is even not relevant anymore. The important thing is results, outputs, of Duterte doing his job as president.

      We are all adults. We know what is right and wrong. Let us not be hypocrites.

      • cynthia estrada

        It is a tactical mistake to alienate the media. The media made duterte and the media can wreck him. Yes change is coming. But it isn’t change duterte is in control of. Chaos is the result

        • cynthia estrada, are you delusional? for sure you are! the media did nothing for Duterte, bias, sensationalize, fabricated, handpicked news to give him a bad image, that’s all they did for him. Chaos? you crazy? but yes, drug lords, drug addicts, corrupt officials, criminals, yellow zombies, definitely, they are in chaos, but for my beloved Philippines, change will happen, whether you yellow minions like it or not.

    • Jose E. Lucion

      je-je-je…still you people don’t understand what is what, you onion skinned people was just caught in a fish trap, I tell you why; The Mayor still mayor until his daughter Inday Sara Duterte finally takes her oath, one cannot say or tell what the mayor should do until the time he takes his oath as the president of the Philippine Republic like what he have just said to the U.N. as he did not signed any compromise to them and that they should be taking care of their own backyard as plenty of human rights violations & still raging war in the middle east and Africa that until now up to say 50 years more cannot be solved as the U.N. leaders have had vested interests of their own …while Digong can be seen already planting his lions to his lair prior to assumption into the office of the president, I am seeing that he is enjoying his usual type of showmanship that soon to be discarded as he said he will be on a verge of a metamorphosis…now, he surely knows who are really a kinda chameleon inside & outside of his pit, perhaps, concocted plan of action will be coming soon, so watch-out !!!

    • Manong, I just want to comment regarding your comparison with great leaders like Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. Have you ever watched and hear him speak? Have you ever understand the words he say and speak? Have you ever lived in his country? Do you know how he chose his member of parliament? Come here in Singapore and we who’s been in a 1st world country understand why we chose Duterte over others and asked Davaenos why they chose Duterte. Singapore is not a perfect place and Mr. LEE Kuan Yew is not perfect just like Davao and Duterte. Watch his words and look on their laws, some is rude and outrageous BUT in still order for his country. Lee Kuan Yew is a great leader BUT he is also rude to those people who opposed his views. You cannot say to him that there is no excuse on his behaviour, you’ll be slap with a libel case. They are the leaders who look things in a big picture for the good of majority of his people, his country and his sovereignity. The only difference is President-elect is came from a thug street life while late Mentor Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew is educated enough to present his views in a tough words. The point here is manners and education is different from the character of a person how to lead, govern and stand on the views of the majority and on his views. They made a great change even with lot of critics and opposing views as long as it in still order and sake of majority.

    • However, looking around, where is our Lee Kuan Yew, Juliani, or President Park?

  2. Yes we hate his cursing or rudeness but we know and understand where is that coming from. People are stubborn, when he says stop, stop. . . .and people still continue doing things which is not right or things w/c are against the law. There are three forms of corporal punishment (physically painful correction): that administered by parents; corporal punishment applied by the school system, and judicial corporal punishment overseen within the prison system or directed by court order. Such judicial corporal punishment might include scourging, such as Paul and Silas received in Philippi (Acts 16:23); beating with a rod, mentioned in Proverbs 29:15; and caning, such as is practiced in Taiwan. The Bible neither promotes nor prohibits a government using corporal punishment, but it does have something to say about our attitude toward law and order in general.

    With respect to our judicial system and the punishments it sanctions, believers must be cognizant of the Bible’s admonition to be subservient to the laws of our government (Romans 13:1-7). “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves” (Romans 13:1-2; see also 1 Peter 2:13-14). This command not only means we adhere to the laws our governing authority has set in place, but also that we face the consequences for disobeying its laws.

    Therefore, good citizenship requires adherence to judicial laws and subjection to the punishment they provide for. “For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. For he is God’s servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience” (Romans 13:3-5).

    • You stated it well Jane .
      As a citizen and a Christian we also have the responsibility to pray for our leaders. We can rebuke him in a positive way that he would humble himself instead of criticizing and even provoke him in anger .

  3. hahays! another grandstanding, dramatic and lame defense for the nuisance president! ang bastos ay bastos!! no ifs and buts! because of his “nagpakatotoo” daw! dami na uto! these days the norms are changed!! if you act and say right! you are ipokrito! hahahaha!! eh di wow!! Someone who espoused a challenged against corrupt officials have actually recycled the cabinet officials of GMA,one of the most corrupt presidents of our time! and actually planned to bury the most corrupt leader in the history of man in teh Libingan ng mga Bayani and did not extend an office on his cabinet for Leni because BBM will get hurt and worst he is concerned more on the Utang na loob than the people who comprises the country he will be leading! hahaha, someone who espoused anti sexual harassment in his own city had actually crossed the line by whistling to a lady journalist and played on jokes to a dead missionary lady whom he said he wants to be the first to rape because he was the mayor! eh di wow!! and please don’t tell me that fishermen are now allowed to fish in teh scarborough shoal because of him!! hahaha.. that is the concession he plans to have with China whom the well respected Aquino administration had fought so hard to attain sovereignty over the disputed group of islands.. na gusto lang niya ipamigay sa China!

    Now sir! tell me SINO ANG HYPOCRITE?? 🙂

  4. hi sir, kindly check this link for the original author of this post. Hope we can give credit where credit is due. Thank you!

  5. As a Filipino citizen I really admire mayor duterte and now our president not of his bad mouth or the way he talks but because I know he can deliver the change we are dreaming for. Why focus on the negative side of duterte while he has a lot of good and positive means to save this country.. Let’s discover more what is best Mayor duterte And do not focus on nonsense talks. This country you know, matagal ng walang dangal at ang pagmumura ni mayor dahil galit na galit nga sya sa sumira ng bansa natin is nothing to do sa ikakasira nito. So I’m hoping that we will effort to know deeper the real person of mayor duterte.. He has a lot to offer to us at sana wag natin ma miss ang mga iyon dahil lang naka focus po tayo sa mga mababaw na bagay.

  6. I totally agree with Manong. It’s bad enough that we, Pinoys, are treated as lowly and discriminated against abroad that Duterte’s abrasiveness and lack of grace and dignity donot help elevate our status and situation. Whatever good deeds he might have done in Davao that fit his leadership style where a culture of lawlessness abound arguably is admirable. However,to be a president of THE country is to be a role model of respect to uphold the institution of leadership. We have to think of what’s in the best interest of the people, especially the impressionable youth and children who need leaders they can look up to. Thrash talking, disrespect, and misogynistic attitudes blatantly displayed in public do not make a leader of high regard no matter where we are and when in a position of power to make a change. Temperance, self discipline, and self-control might help. I want so bad to defend him here in the US when asked about Duterte and I do. I’ve lived in Davao briefly when he was the mayor and was very impressed with his governance and city planning though I didn’t know anything about his manners and behaviors. But it’s getting harder and harder when he makes horrendous and degrading comments about women and killings. Not cool at all. Pinoys keep on saying that he’s really a do good person, but a truly good person does not offend or debase others. I wish it’s not a Jekyll and Hyde kind of story, or worse…I just keep quiet when my daughters ask me about him and his terrifying comments on many issues because I don’t know what to say. It’s like the batterer in a domestic violence case: “You better be good, or else!” And why is the audience laughing along with him when he makes rude or inappropriate comments?

  7. His attack on the Church was unwarranted and stupid. The Faith and the nation are the two pillars that hold up the Philippines and give it soul. Without the Church, we’re just another third-world USA clone, and Duterte is just a Davaoeno Rudy Giuliani. People praising the idea of keeping the Church out of state affairs are the kind of idiots who don’t know the spiritual wasteland that is modern-day USA. And if Duterte is leading the nation in that direction, then all his reforms will matter as much as shit on the road. No amount of legal reforms can replace a well-grounded spirit enhanced by God’s Grace. Europe had all sorts of legal reforms, and yet it’s a spiritual wasteland that’s collapsing and a fertile ground for ISIS recruitment. Japan has a well-oiled government and social structure, yet its future generation is spiritually bleak and spits at the idea of procreation. And the endpoint of that road is modern-day China-a Superpower, by any means, but whose people are either defying the government by trying to reintroduce the light of God or committing suicide by jumping out the window. Duterte doesn’t know the can of worms he’s opening by attacking the Church

  8. pat borlagdan

    You cannot oblige a good leader to adhere to something…he shows his real self, not plastic. Nobody can tell what is proper or improper to a good leader with principle.

    Good leaders have high regard of principles. They would rather resign, or fight to the death but will not budge to anybody’s dictate or caprices. They are not within the bounds of ordinary behaviour: they speak the truth, are brutally frank.

    So if you are a hyprocite pretending to be good, be ready because they will unveil
    your real self and you will feel the pain of truth…

  9. So, the wrong becomes right if it’s done by the leader?

  10. problem still for some Filipinos, they still want the so-called “DESENTE” even if the person is the king of lies, corrupt, and opportunist, problem here, President Duterte is none of those.

  11. Filipino Bonifacio

    Simply relevant… he is not causing trouble he is doing another strategically insane medical dose for the whole bunch of patient-like thieves and hungry devouring-ready lions…HE IS INDEED GOOD. Kala mo naman naman tong mga ala intellectual mag isip e matitino. May nagawa ba tong mga bashers na to sa bayan? Mga magagaling lang na combantrine to.”mga kontra bulate” ika nga. Hindi marunong sumunod sila yung mga madadaldal! #keepyourmouthshut!

  12. Joel Garcia

    Paano ninyo baguhin ang isang tao na 71 yrs. old na, kung baga sa kahoy mahirap nang ituwid kung baluktot na, bastos talaga siya bilang tao pero ang kanyang mga nagawa sa Davao ay di kayang bastusin. Anung gusto ninyo maginoong leader pero walang nagawa o bastos na leader pero may napatunayan? Kahit sino pa ang magsabi sa kanya na dapat niyang baguhin ang kanyang pananalita di na niya ito gagawin pagkat dito niya nasisindak ang mga taong tunay na bastos sa lipunan. Kung matamaan ka sa pambabastos niya lilitaw na ikaw ang tunay na bastos, bakit? Dahil ginawa mo ang karumaldumal sa bayan – ang magnakaw sa pera ng bayan, ang pumatay ng kapwa tao at ang maglako ng shabu sa mga inosenting tao yan ay malaking kabastusan at dapat kang mahiya.

  13. All these, and he isn’t even in office yet.

  14. we need a leader like digong.he don’t mine what media plan for him the LP party and the other politician…he only want is that the need of the people and the need of this country…..that is his goal his priority is the need of the netizen…and stop corruption and drugs……

  15. Beth. As a mother, we do influence our children. What they become? What kind of person they will be? Well, 80 % was influence by their invironment… Sino kasama sa bahay? Anu behavior ng tao ta bahay? Hindi si Duterte ang kasama nila sa bahay everyday,. So be a good example to the people that sorrounds you. We should be a responsible individual as well. Let’s do our part. No blame game…

  16. People do not see that his method is merely a band aid solution. To a big problem. In fact, he has caused even bigger problems. To hell with accountability and civility, his way is if i feel like it i will kill you. but if you try to kill me i will use the law against you. And that, people, is president of all stupid. The problem is that most likely these people who voted for him are not willing to go full term with his rules. It is only now that he is popular and his “uncivil” ways are making waves and trending, look how Marcos faired with that method. Now I understand why he is friends with that criminal. A means to an end.

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