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How awesome it is to see a an American who prefers Duterte to be a true leader rather their own President Obama.

In a video uploaded, again by Tambayan ni Berto (no idea where he got the video), an American that looked like a hippie born in the new millennia, talking about how and why he likes the current president of the Philippines over their (former) President Barrack Obama.

Talking about the attacks on President Duterte on his statements over the former President Obama, saying bad language such as ‘son of a bitch’ among others, he said that the media is all over this malicious reports that they spread to the international media.

And then he said a very hilarious thing that Duterte supporters would love to hear. He said that Obama is not the American people, Obama is not the United States, he is just a retard who happened to be president. He added that he doesn’t care if Duterte calls Obama a son of a bitch or a son of a whore. And that he said Duterte is right about Obama being, well, son of a b1tch.

This intelligent American said that the people of the Philippines have a big problem about the illegal drugs in their country. So the government attacking the drug dealers and there is no problem with it. There is no problem with it of killing the drug dealers.

Obama has no business if the Philippines are doing their own war against drugs, he said.

This guy really understand the Philippines and efinitely understand Rodrigo Duterte. He knows the Duterte administration can really do good for the Philippines.

More than that, he seems to know a lot about crime and drugs. He said sometimes you have to use a baseball bat let things work. That means there are times that you need to be tough so you can solve the problem of drugs.

Watch the video below to hear the rest of what he said:


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