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Another message has been brought out by the second member of the Duterte Youth after the confrontation with Jim Paredes last Saturday at EDSA anniversary. READ ALSO: Bully Victim Ronald Cardema has finally spoken against JIM PAREDES

The Duterte Youth member said:

“Sir Jim, thank you very much for showing your concerns. Thank you very much rin po kasi nag viral po tayo. Sa sambayanang Pilipno po, suportahan po natin yung ating pangulo. Si pangulong Rodrigo Roa Duterte po. Yung strong man ng Asia at Commander in Chief po ng Armed Forces of the Philippines at ng PNP (Philippine National Police).” ALSO READ: JIM PAREDES’s mother, member of a terrorist group during Martial Law

Watch the video below courtesy of NEws5:

Such a simple message. And so surprising that he even thanked Mr. Paredes for doing such thing. Yes such thing as the bullying thing. Thanking him about his concern. Oh, what can I say? Holiday!

And oh another thing, he actually thanked Mr. Paredes for making the issue viral in social media.

Come to think of it, if they have done that on purpose (the youth members), I mean the fact that they are present at EDSA rally with the yellows, if they did that to promote themselves, well, they’ve succeeded, because they went viral.

Oh what more can I say? Holy gay!


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  1. Victor tolentino

    I need to post something that it can be read by all regarding rules in the roads, with two recent incidents that were posted at fb. The first one about a policeman in his motorcycle and an SUV and secondly about an SUV again and motorcycle driver but sadly gunned down by the SUV driver. We need to look into rules in the roads and the discipline of the four wheeler and up drivers and the motorcycle drivers. I have suggestions on these.

  2. Eliene grace

    Oh Jim! Don’t you ever underestimate what a BISAYA can do. You’re over feeding yourself with too much negativity. Give Du30 the exact 6 yrs that Aquino had before then judge Du30’s accomplishments by then. You’re old enough to understand the difference between politicking from real governance. Grow up and be a positive force, together we can all lift up this country. We owe it to ourselves Jim. Don’t you think so? Let’s all identify the problems and let’s pitch in whatever positive contribution we can give and surely our country will become great once and for all.

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