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President Rodrigo Duterte has issued a final proposal to the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) to respond to his presentation of a unilateral truce.

Duterte, who proclaimed this truce for CPP-NPA rebels amid his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) Monday, said he is giving the communists until 5 p.m. on Saturday to respond the détente.

Duterte said he will push through with hostile operations against the CPP-NPA if the dissident gathering won’t respond.

Duterte’s announcement came taking after a trap of government troops by individuals from the CPP’s furnished wing, the New People’s Army (NPA), in Davao del Norte.

One individual from the Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit (CAFGU) was slaughtered and four others were injured in the assault.

In a video published in social media networks, Duterte sends some messages to the communist party. He said that ‘to lie’ is not his obligation. That ‘to lie’ is not his mandate to become a president. Pertaining to a probable NPA’s doubt to government’s sincerity in declaring ceasefire between the military and the communists.

Duterte even said, “Kung gusto nyo barilin nyo na lang ako.” Emphasizing that war is really not a solution to the problems the country is currently facing.

Duterte even showed a paper with data on how much he should spent if one military soldier will die or even injured.

Watch the video below and listen to his heartbreaking speech:


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  1. victor san antonio

    Sa kasalukuyan po mayroon tayong tatlong uri ng kasundalohan, 1- lesftist and allied (yellow army ni Aquino at umbrela ng CPP/NPA/NDF kagaya ng sinabi ni Pangulons DDs) sila ang bumabalangakas, 2 – rightist mga sundalong oportunista at aventurer walang galang sa mga senior nila. 3 – centrist mga sundalo ni ipinagtatangol ang Republic at Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas. Ngayon marami na ang makakaliwa na kasama ng nasa centrist kaya malapit nang magkaroon ng balanseng lakas ang Partido Komonista ng Pilipinas – Laban sa gobyernong DDs. Hindi rin magtatagal makukuha na rin ang dalawang Kapulungan ng Pilipinas. Ngayon nga halos ng mga namumuno sa kanayunan ay kaalyado ng Partido Komonista ng Pilipinas, pag hindi na itama itong mga nangyayari, magigising na lang tayo na nasasakop na ng Komonistang Chino, Ito ang tinatawag nating protracted war na malapit ng mangyari ang still mate.
    Mahal na Pangulong DD, sana po lahat ng nasa gobyerno at papasok sa gobyerno ay masala ng mabuti.

  2. Ian Delarama

    This is a battle of ideologies. You cannot used guns to kill an ideology. you can Kill a person who bring that ideology but the ideology itself cannot be killed by guns. The only thing that can kill an ideology is an another superior ideology. And this Ideology is the Ideology of AGAPE LOVE.

  3. this a a wonderful solution that takes patience and process. I am not doubting the sincerity and efforts of President Détente. How can we get the commitment of the Communist Party to respond positively to the painstaking process of Agape Love.. Do they recognize this Agapa love process? We will only know if they are willing to enter into the process of dialogue with the President D. inviting them to peaceful process to attain understanding and unity for the good of the country..The problem is they are not talking yet, to express what is in their minds..

  4. A Deo Missus

    An important part of Agape Love is to sacrifice oneself for the sake of peace. If the enemy is our brothers mga kapwa Pilipino lang, how many of our soldiers have to die in the Peace Process just to show to our Muslim Brothers that we are indeed serious in making peace with them? Does it take one soldier, a couple, a hundred soldiers who will offer their lives for the sake of peace? What is the Limit for the Price of Peace. To show what is Agape Love to them must not only be in words but must be perfected in actions so that they will know and understand the meaning of the word Agape Love itself otherwise the whole concept of Agape Love will only be a Fallacy.

  5. Merrill Difronzo

    The tough talking mayor who has been campaigning against illegal drugs said in his speech that every police official involved in drug trade should resign their post as soon as possible. FB post gone viral – Dear “hypocritical rightists, pretentious moralists, and deceitful public servants”

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