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Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar at long last uncovers what some portion of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speecs at his first SONA that made him cry.

In a meeting by PhilStar, Sec. Andanar clarified that the draft of the discourse of Duterte amid his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) was “intense” and “candidly blending”. In past reports, he said that the discourse would “stir the patriotism in each Filipino.”

As indicated by him, before the SONA of the President on Monday, July 25, 2016, there will be a declaration that would truly stun Filipinos.

Some time recently, he said that he even raced to his room and cried subsequent to perusing the discourse talking about the patriotism of Duterte and his look after the more youthful era. Andanar said this an underlying response of perusing the draft of Duterte’s discourse.

With these announcements given by the Secretary, Filipinos have had their desires toward Duterte’s discourse. At that point, netizens seemed to scrutinize Andanar’s announcements and said that they have sat tight for those “inspiring” parts in the discourse.

Netizens like Sen. Ping Lacson even said on his Twitter account that as opposed to making him “cry”, Duterte’s discourse made him chuckle.

Indeed, even a specific Dr. Jose P. Rizal said on Twitter, that he is pondering which part of the draft in the

Another said that Andanar may presumably read an alternate discourse.

Yet, Andanar then uncovered in a meeting that what moved him can be found in the first and the last page of the discourse of President Duterte. He said that the part he’s alluding is when Duterte discussed the detachment of God and the State. This is on account of, as indicated by him, he turned into a lay priest some time recently.

Watch the video below:


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