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The US government is supporting the Philippines’ battle against the ‘war on drugs’ and that the reports about Washington plotting to remove President Duterte because of the alleged ‘extra judical killings’ are pure lies. This was what the US Ambassador Sung Kim said to the public during an interview yesterday, January 25, 2017, in Manila.

US Ambassador Sung Kim refereed to solid collaboration between the two nations in battling drug trafficking, which he said would proceed in spite of a few “imperfections” in the way it is being done.

Sung Kim said:

“We have absolutely no interest in doing anything to try to undermine President Duterte’s government. Period. I hope you can put that story to rest. Categorically, confidently, I can tell you that is total nonsense. There is absolutely no basis for that report.

Obviously we have some concerns about some aspects of the drug campaign. While everybody acknowledges that there is a very serious drug problem, there is also concern that some aspects of the anti-drug campaign has flaws.

I hope people will not view this as somehow an American concern being imposed on the Philippines,” Kim said. “My sense is this is a concern for many people. So I think it’s a mistake to portray this as a US versus Philippines issue.”

{Source: PhilStar}


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