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UNITED States President Barack Obama guaranteed the Philippines that US will collaborate with the partner country in its war against the illegal drugs.

Nonetheless the American President immediately cleared up that the US is ready its position that all the measures to be implemented and everything steps to be taken must maintain accordance to the rule of law and international norms in dealing with all kinds of problems that the nation is facing, including the campaign against the narco-traffickers.

In the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN-US pioneers meeting, Obama said narco-trafficking is a major issue that the Philippines is confronting, alongside America and different parts of the world.

However, for the president of the superpower country, while they join forces with the Philippines, it is essential to dispose of the issue through just courses, paying little mind to how gross and awful the adversary is. Obama trusts that if things are done the wrong way, guiltless lives will be at expense.

Obama said in his ASEAN-US pioneers meeting: “As despicable as these networks may be and as much damage as they do, it is important from our perspective to make sure that we do it the right way. Because the consequences of when you do it the wrong way are innocent people get hurt and you have a bunch of unintended consequences that don’t solve the problem”.

Obama’s announcement came after the worldwide group’s negative comments on the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines as a result of the administration’s reinforced battle against illegal drugs.

This is one reason that President Rodrigo Duterte was infuriated before he cleared out for Laos that came about to his offending words towards Obama and in actuality, the American president drop their supposed-to-be-first-ever-formal meeting, in the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit.


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