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In a video clip uploaded by VOVph Facebook on Thursday via CNN, a conversation takes place between Senator Marco Rubio and US Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson about Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs in the Philippines.

The video caption says:

US Secretary of State Nominee Rex Tillerson refuses to condemn President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs under repeated prodding to do so by Senator Marco Rubio.

Here is the transcript of the conversation:

Senator Marco Rubio:

Since President Rodrigo Duterte took office last June, The Los Angeles Times reports that roughly over 6200 people have been killed in the Philippines by police and vigilantes in alleged drug raids and your view it is the right way to conduct the anti drug campaign.

SEC of State Nominee Rex Tillerson:

Senator, the US, America and the people of the Philippines have a long standing friendship I think it’s important that way we keep that in perspective that the long standing friendship and they have been ally and we need to ensure they stay as an ally.


That’s correct, Mr. Tillerson but my question is about the 6200 that have been killed by these allege drug raids, do you believe that that is appropriate way to conduct an operation. Do you believe that that is conducive to human rights violations that we should concerned about and condemning?


Senator confirmed again it is an area that I want to understand in greater detail in terms of the facts on the ground. I’m not disputing anything or saying cause I know you have access to information that I do not have.


It’s from Los Angeles Times.


Well again Im not going to rely on solely what I read in newspapers. I want to go to the facts on the ground. I’m sure there’s good credible information available through our various government agencies.


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  1. Iyan ang problema sa ibang politician, media lang ang basehan. How prudent it should be to know the details first? Even Pres elect Trump now recognizes “fake” media.

  2. Pablo Stephen jr WigWigan

    senator rubio you dont even know whats happening in the Philippines then it seems you know everything.those who have been killed was not all done in those police raids or even the President didnt k1ll them then it seems your mouth is accusing our President on all those killings. go to the Philippines by your self and stay there so you may know the truth, so that your small brain be in lighten and know better.

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