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President Duterte on the recent press conference in Beijing, China, said in response to the question of one Chinese journalist about enhancing the China-Philippines relationship based on his foreign policy, Duterte mentioned about what happened on the War in Iraq in the past. He also said that the United States and Great Britain didn’t find any weapon of mass destruction in Iraq contrary to the two countries’ claims that there was.

Read Duterte’s words below.

Give me a sensible answer. I’m willing to resign here. I would not even have to go Manila again. America and Britain invaded Iraq. With all the hullabaloo and pronouncement that said weapons of mass destruction. After killing so much of the soldiers there, the Republican guards of Saddam and killed Saddam in the process. They found out, with all its might and technology and human intelligence that there was no weapons of mass destruction.

Duterte even dared the journalists and whoever present on that conference to explain it to him if it is right for the US to invade Iraq and other countries. Duterte also mentioned about what the United States really did to Vietnam. He also accused the United States of wrongdoings to many countries of the world:

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