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{DISCLAIMER: The following article is written by Orion Perez D.}

There have been lots of Foreigners (non-Filipinos) meddling in the Philippines’ internal affairs based on WRONG and INCOMPLETE information that results from the malicious and deliberate misinformation campaign by oligarch-owned anti-reform mass media companies in the Philippines.

To all fellow Filipinos, DO NOT TAKE IT AGAINST THE FOREIGNERS/non-Filipinos who criticize Duterte. They are mostly misinformed and are limited only to the few bits of news in English that is often fed to international news agencies by the same biased oligarch-controlled local Philippine news agencies.

Many Foreigners, particularly Westerners are often open to standing corrected if and when the real facts are presented to them.

It is the oligarch-owned Pinoy Mass Media news outlets that must be condemned for the deliberate unfair and one-sided partisan misrepresentation that they do. The foreigners who criticize Duterte and us Filipinos who voted for him do so based on wrong information that is not of their doing. They are excused since they have no access to information sources in Tagalog, Cebuano or other languages in order for them to verify what needs to be verified. It is our duty TO CORRECT THEM and remind them of the facts that they have not been made aware of by the biased news reports that filtered in to their news sources.

(When many Foreigners find out that Duterte is pushing for constitutional reforms that will lead to a shift to the Federal-Parliamentary System, most of them realize that he’s not some power-hungry despot-wannabe, because Federalism is about devolving certain powers (particularly economic development decision-making) away from the Capital and thus lessening micro-managing by the central government which he controls and plus, moving to a Parliamentary System means shifting power over to a COLLEGIAL BODY – the legislature – rather than a unilateral one-man executive regime which is what a presidential system is all about. Such reforms that aim to ultimately lessen the power of the office he currently holds are NOT IN LINE with what power-hungry despots do.)

This video is for FOREIGNERS and Filipinos alike who criticize Duterte because of a lack of knowledge of the full context of Duterte’s long years of leadership experience and the context of the Philippines’ problems.

Make sure to pass this around so that the wrong ideas can be corrected.

Watch the video below and liberate your mind:

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