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President Rodrigo Duterte gave a warning to the millionaire gaming fugitive Jack Lam and his gang, in a speech before the Cebu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday.

PRRD said that he wanted to kill Jack Lam and that he advised him and his men to get out of the country so they won’t be killed. However, and fortunate for Lam, he was already out of the country three days before PRRD gave the warning.

PRRD said:

“Si Jack Lam na gusto ko ring patayin ang putangina. ?You know, that Chinese guy, I was reading the briefer for the night, I get the briefer every night from the activities sa mga journals, what happened to the Philippines today. I was reading his statements as if he was talking, everybody was in his pocket.”

He added:

“That’s why tinawagan ko si Bong Go, my aide, another Chinese, sabi ko, ‘Hulihin mo ‘yang putang inang ‘yan.’ Sabi ng NBI, ‘walang charge.’ ‘Ah, charge, maniwala ka ng charge-charge. Basta hulihin mo. Patayin mo kung kaya ninyo.’ But luckily, he was out of the country three days earlier.”

Lam’s Fontana Casino at Clark Freeport in ? Pampanga was covered in the wake of capturing 1,316 Chinese nationals illicit working in an online gambling club which likewise had no permit to work. Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II blamed him for endeavored gift which the seat of the openly recorded Hong Kong clubhouse administrator Jimei obviously sought after when he gave P50 million in influence cash to previous Bureau Immigration Deputy Commissioners Al Argosino and Mike Robles through his neighborhood agent Wally Sombero.

Duterte said:

“So kaya ako napika, he was… Iyong mga ganoon na klaseng… ‘Please’ sabi ko, ‘avoid my country kung ganoon.’ Doon na lang kayo sa Macau, do not do it here. They are not paying the correct taxes, millions and billions.”

The DOJ has solicited the Bureau from Internal Revenue to investigate the unpaid charges of Lam from his gambling club and web based gaming operations. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. has likewise set up for survey Lam’s club contract where he paid just a single percent of his incomes to the administration while different gambling clubs paid 10 percent.

Duterte said:

“He was given a franchise panahon ni Corazon Aquino, one percent. Susmaryosep ka. And that was ages ago and yet he had the gall to talk about the Philippines, characterizing us like…So ‘yun ang ano. Corruption. We have to stop corruption.”


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