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President Duterte said Thursday that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has arrangements to assassinate him.

This was uncovered in a discourse conveyed before the Filipino people group in Hanoi, Vietnam on Wednesday evening.

“That’s the situation. They say, the CIA is planning to kill me,” Duterte said.

Saying that despite everything he couldn’t trust that he was the President, Duterte flippantly requested that the CIA permit him first to understand that he was the top government official in the nation.

“Until now, I cannot believe that I am the [President]. Give me the chance to think [and realize that I am the] President,” he said.

Prior reports said that there were asserted arrangement to kill Duterte.

In light of the declaration by Wilford Palma, who was arrested by the authorities over smuggled gun parts from the United States, one of their regular customers had told them about the assassination plot against the President.

Unflinching by death dangers, Duterte said he will put his life in question as he is resolved to satisfy his order to serve the Filipino individuals.

In any case, Duterte in his discourses is reliably requesting that the administration powers proceed with the grisly war against drugs, if he bite the dust while he is still the president.



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