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Senator Grace Poe spoke before the Senate on Wednesday during the Senate Session No. 66, particularly on the issue of SPO3 Arthur Lascañas’s confession against his previous statement on the ‘alleged’ extra judicial killings hearing in the past with witness Edgar Matobato.

Poe rebutted Senator Gordon’s privilege speech on disallowing Lascañas to appear before the senate and say what he has to say contrary to the latter’s statement in the past.

Here’s what Senator Grace Poe said:

“Yes Senator Gordon usually delivers a speech talagang malaman at madamdamin (with substance and moving). I would like to address the following points though that I’ve realized during his speech. Number one he mentioned that we shouldn’t allow this person to come over here and lie again to us because we should not give this person the benefit of doing so.”

“I would just like to give out my own opinion about this. Making come here to speak is not for the benefit of this person. I believe that making him come here to speak is also for the benefit of those of us who would like to know what made him change his mind and why is he doing so.”

Watch below:


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