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In the recent speech of President Duterte in Qatar, before a large crowd of Filipinos there, he mentioned Senator Trillanes, one of his detractors, in which he said that he wondered about what’s wrong with the guy. He said one man from the Navy told him that Trillanes had a secret and that only a doctor can know.

Duterte went on and said that he called the doctor to ask what’s wrong with Trillanes’s head. And according to him, the doctor told him it’s not the head what’s wrong with him, but it’s down there. Then the crowd laughed like crazy.

Duterte said that the doctor told him Trillanes had only one testicle. That the case of Trillanes had one in very 200-Thousand males.

Afterwards Duterte said that do not underestimate him because he has three testicles. The crowd’s laughter even grew to even much louder cheer.


Duterte indeed has more than two balls because of his strong character and real balls to serve and protect the country. And that balls I’m sure are made up of iron (no pun intended).


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