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Before the Senate hearing on Monday on the Davao Death Squad, March 6, 2017, Senator Lacson asked self-confessed killer and witness Arthur Lascañas what would the latter do if the former can show the dance instructor to the Senate that the latter claimed to have witnessed the killing.

Athur Lascañas in his statement that he was there when the the dance instructor of the sister of President Duterte was being killed. Meaning, Lascañas witnessed the killing of the said individual.

However, after a phone call Lacson received to bring him info that the dance instructor is alive, he asked Lascañas about what would happen if he could show the person to the Senate that the latter claimed to be dead.

To prove Senator Lacson’s claim, here is Jocellyn Duterte Villarica, sister of then Mayor Duterte, said in her Facebook post during the Senate hearing on Monday:

“I am at this very moment listening at the senate hearing of Lascanas on the alleged EJK of President Duterte…it is nothing but a farce and Trillanes’ biggest showbiz carreer.

‘90% sa sinabi ni Edgar Matobato ay totoo. Andoon ako pag-abduct sa Dance Instructor na nanloko sa kapatid ni Mayor na si Jocellyn Duterte’ … yan ang sinabi ni Lascañas.

Hahahaha… Buhay na buhay po yong Dance Instructor na sinasabi nila!!! Ang pangalan po niya ay si Ruben Borja Baguio…

Sen. Trillanes pag kumuha na naman kayo ng ibang witness, siguradohin mong certified, true and correct. Mukha na kayong tanga! … Sinasayang nyo yong sinasahod sa iyo ng taong-bayan. Good luck na lang sa susunod na sequel mo sa DDS!

Picture taken during Victory Party of President Rodrigo Duterte at Crocodile Park Davao…”

Watch the video below courtesy of Senator Lacson’s official Facebook account:


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