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7 hours ago as of writing this post Sandra Cam, president of Philippine Association of Whistleblowers, spoke before the media following Senator De Lima’s request not to arrest her at night (Thursday) but to do it the following morning (today Friday) after RTC Branch 204 ordered a warrant of arrest to the senator.

Cam said De Lima’s request should not be granted and that she shouldn’t deserve respect even for saying that she should that’s why she requested, if not demanded, that she would be arrested at daylight.

Cam also said harsh words to De Lima. This is what she said:

“Di ka dapat ilagay sa Crame. Dapat ka ilagay sa Muntunlipa Ciy Jail for you to feel at malaman mo kung ano tong ginawa mo sa bayan. Wag kanang magkukunwari. Ngayon kinuha mona lahat ang ano ng media para sayo. Tapos sasabihin mo wala tilang respeto. Bakit yung ikaw nanunungkulang Sec of Justice may nirespeto ka ba? Wala. Yung kay GMA. ni walang warrant ni walang watchlist, walang hold departure, wala pang kaso. Pero anong ginawa mo? Pinilit mo ang gusto mo. Sa mga pinakulong mo, ginawa mo yun at ngayon sasabihin mo konting respeto sayo? Hindi ka dapat respetohin.” [“You should not be put in Crame. You should be put in Muntunlipa Ciy Jail for you to feel and know what you did to the country. Do not pretend. Now that took all what the media for your own sake. Then you say they don’t have respect with you?. When you were still the Secretary of Justice did you give respect with those accused? You did not. Like with GMA (former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo). There was no warrant, no watchlist, no hold departure, no charge. But what did you do? You did what you wanted to do. To those you put in jail you did not show respect and now you demand for respect? You don’t deserve respect.”]

She added:

“Just the other day Minention mo na ako I’m one of the operators of PRRD. Wala pakialam kung ano man sinasabi ko, walang pakilam ang pangulo. Kaya eto sinabi mo kung ano ano ang sinasabi mo sa pangulo. Ngayon sasabihin ko sayo, isa kang sex maniac exhibitionist senator. Now your a criminal you have to be out of office.” [“Like the other day you mentioned me that I’m one of PRRD operators. No. The president has nothing to do with I have been saying. Then you keep on saying bad things against the president. So now I’ll tell you, you are a sex maniac, exhibitionist senator. Now your a criminal you have to be out of office.”]


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