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Another part of President Duterte’s speech yesterday that caught my attention so hard at the Cebu-Cordova Expresslink groundbreaking ceremony, PRRD said a funny thing about the alleged ‘extra judicial killings’ being slapped at him.

He said that he had lost a lot of soldiers and policemen while fighting against the drug dealers and users on the war on drugs. He said that if what happened was a straight extra judicial killings, then he would have not lost a lot of soldiers and policemen.

This is what he said

I have lost 29 police kung ejk pa na wa unta namatay sa akuang mga tawo. I would have simply said na hala maskin nakatalikod, nag tuwad, nalibang, pusila.

The funny thing was the word’ nalibang.’ which means in Tagalog ‘tumae’, ‘took a dump’ or ‘took a shit’, in English. It means, if the ‘extra judicial killings’ is true, none of his men would have died. He would have simply ordered the police to kill them even while they turned their backs or turned their asses upside down while taking a dump.

It was so funny that I laughed so hard my stomach cramped a bit.

But PRRD was serious when he said it. He didn’t laugh nor you can see some laughter in his eyes. He was even a bit angry when he said it.

Watch the video below at 33:00:


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