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The National Association of Lawyers for Justice and Peace on Tuesday tested Risa Hontiveros to demonstrate that she’s deserving of the general population’s trust by leading the arrival of the P1.761 billion in unapproved rewards allowed to officers and representatives of PhilHealth in 2013 amid her term there as board part.

NALJP establishing director Jesus Santos brought up that open office is an open trust.

“Since PhilHealth funds are the people’s money, Ms. Hontiveros should show us that we can trust her with our welfare by leading efforts to get back the illegal bonuses. If she will not do anything about it, there’s no reason to be confident that she will indeed serve the people should she win,” Santos said.

PhilHealth had asserted that the rewards were secured by board resolutions. In any case, the Commission on Audit said the resolutions were not submitted to the Office of the President for endorsement as required under Section 6 of Presidential Decree 1597.

{Source: CaD, MS}


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