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Remember the Senate hearing in 2014 where the then Mayor Duterte was the star witness? He was the main resource person because he was being invited by the then BIR Commissioner Kim Henares, who asked help from the mayor to solve the problem of the rice smuggling in the country.

This is how it started. This is how President Duterte became known to the Filipinos in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

We can see here how Duterte spoke. He spoke with a burning heart, full of convictions and principles. By watching and listening to him spoke you can tell that he was sincere and honest. He was authentic, so authentic that all of the senators, including the spectators were all star-strucked by this extraordinary politician.

This is how he became popular by saying outrageous words in front of the Senator and public television. Words like: “If this guy would go to Davao and start to unload, I will gladly kill him.” This really shocked not only the senators and the entire Philippines, but the whole world.

This was also the first time where he said some explosive words from his opening statement and testimony. He said: “The trouble with us in government is that we talk too much, act too slow, and do too little. Let me ask, don’t we? I heard it one said what this the country needs, given the prevailing conditions, is not more laws but more good men in public service. Let me ask again, do we subscribe to that?”

The then Senator Jinggoy Estrada even quoted him and was intrigued that led him to ask Duterte who was he pertaining to from those words. Duterte then replied that he was pertaining to all law enforcement agencies, the Bureau of Customs, NBI, the Justice Department, etc…

Estrada went on to ask DUTERTE a seemingly stupid question. Estrada asked Duterte if Bangayan a.k.a David Tan was still allowed to enter Davao City. This is the time Duterte said that he would gladly kill Bangayan if he sees him in Davao City doing illegal business.

The crowd laughed, including the senators, especially Senator Estrada. They laughed as if they were making fun of him, to a simple, probinsyano politician. Probably the truth was that they were laughing to themselves because they were hit by a lightning when Duterte said those words. They knew it was the truth. So to defend themselves, they show haughtiness because they cannot accept the fact that a politician from Davao had those kinds of balls. They made fun of him to not make them look so ordinary.

Who would have thought that the guy Estrada made fun of would be the next President of the Republic of the Philippines?

Watch the video below and be astounded and amazed:


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