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In a recent press conference in Malacanang Palace, instead of the media asking the president on the current issues, President Rodrigo Duterte asked the journalists one by one jokingly.

Duterte nakipag biruan kay Lynda Jumilla at Rocky Ignacio

At first Duterte asked Lynda Jumilla of ABS-CBN News if it’s okay for him to ask some questions about her since the media were the ones who always asked questions on him. Duterte added that if she would not be embarrassed if he asked a personal question. Jumilla replied that she would not be embarrassed.

But then Duterte said further that she might get hurt if he would pursue to ask the question. Jumilla then replied that it would better if Duterte ask the question in private. And then Duterte called Rocky Ignacio of PTV 4 and wanted to ask her a personal question too. Ignacio responded that it would be better if the question be asked in an executive session.

Duterte then said that he was just joking. He even made funny gestures, imitating what could be the reactions of the ladies if he asked the question.

Watch the video below:


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  1. DAPAT Lang, hindi na pwede na laging one-way na lang ang tanungan. Dapat talaga open forum minsan, media to President and vice-versa.

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