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The Philippine National Police on Tuesday cleared up its own depend on the quantity of passings in the administration’s war on drugs, yet demanded that the official toll was still beneath the 7,000 figure generously utilized by rights assembles and the media.

PNP representative Senior Supt. Dionardo Carlos said the 1,398 drug-related cases they gave an account of Monday were faulted for vigilantes and did exclude the 2,600 drug suspects killed in “genuine police operations.”

Carlos told reporters:

“You shouldn’t add up the two. There is no criminal intent (in the killing of drug suspects during police operations) because there is presumption of regularity in the policemen’s performance of their duty. And even if you add the two numbers, it will not reach 7,000.

PNP boss Director General Ronald dela Rosa on Monday exhibited the information to negate cases of faultfinders that the antinarcotics drive over the most recent eight months had left more than 7,000 Filipino dead, many were sorted by rights assembles as extrajudicial killings.

Carlos added:

“The 1,300-plus drug-related cases (presented on Monday) are homicide cases that were once categorized as deaths under investigation. Someone committed the crime of killing another person and, in the course of the investigation, it turned out that the suspect or the victim or the motive itself was drug-related.

The 2,600 deaths during police operations were those suspects who were killed because they fought back or endangered the lives of the public or our policemen.”

When asked by Thinking Pinoy in a video interview that Rappler stated that the police only invented the term ‘Death under investigations,’ Carlos said, No. Whenever I give them updates, I myself insert an accompanying note stating that ‘Death Under Investigation are not automatically extrajudicial killings and these are crimes of murder and/or homicide (that are) still being investigated. How can they say differently when clearly, everytime that I release the data, we put something like that (a note) there?

Watch the video below courtesy of Thinking Pinoy:


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