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PNP 5 Generals Part 3: (ret.) Gen. Marcelo “Bogart” Garbo Jr.

A five part series about the 5 Generals tagged as coddlers of drug lords.

Image from kapinoy.com

Image from kapinoy.com

President Rodrigo Duterte shocked the media by naming 5 police generals, three on active duty and 2 retired, as the 5 protectors of drug lords operating in the Philippines. One of those generals is Gen. Marcelo “Bogart” Garbo Jr., a retired police general who was the Police Deputy Director General.

Known as “Bogart” to those who are close to him, Gen. Garbo is a member of PMA class Batch 81 along with 4 of the 5 generals that was accused by Duterte as protectors of drug lords. He is a friend of the staunch Duterte supporter Mon Tulfo who had to stand neutral to his judgement as both Bogart and Digong are his allies. According to Tulfo, he was harsh to criminals and would help him, and his brothers would often ask him to correct police who have abused the badge and authority given to them. He retired just this year as the 2nd In-command to the PNP Director General.

As to the accusations slapped against him, Garbo cries foul, “I believe the President was fed by people close to him with wrong and poison information” he said. With his years in serving as the deputy of the constitution, he has never made a deal with drug offenders and lawless elements. Being tagged as a protector of drug lords is as bad as a politician being tag with corruption. According to Solicitor General Jose Calida, Garbo is on the level 5 tier associate. According to the information they have received, there are 5 levels of hierarchy in drug syndicate organization.

Bogart, even though tagged by the President himself, says “I am ready to meet the President one-on-one to clear my name.” He supports the administration’s war on drugs but he added that the President should verify such info first before announcing it himself. Mon Tulfo had said in his article, “If Bogart [Garbo Jr.] really did what the president is accusing him of, he should be punished severely for being a traitor to his code of being a police officer and his oath to the country.

President Duterte has not thrown the Generals to the lions with the accusations he made, rather, he gave the generals a chance to clear their name and said the generals have the right to due process. Garbo has met with current PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa who lamented the accusations on them. Bato has promised the generals a proper investigation and due process that will be conducted by the NAPOLCOM and the PNP internet affairs. Although not out of the woods yet, Garbo has faith with the country’s justice system and investigating body’s neutrality to the cases filed to them.

Clearly the war on drugs is on a steam roll and is not stopping anytime sooner now that they have a 6 month deadline to prove results or face consequences. Now that the supposedly, “big fish” is being targeted who else among the police force will be caught by the Duterte anti-drug net? The president has hinted that the next names will be mayors all over the Philippines and will not stop or be stopped just for the name of eradicating drugs.


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