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There was a recent diplomatic uproar with the recently conducted ASEAN Summit wherein President Duterte’s “putang ina” comment was the star of the said event. According to Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol, the media is at fault with recent debacle in the Summot wherein President Barack Obama has cancelled the meeting with the Philippine President after he was called “son of a bitch”.

Piñol explained that President Duterte’s expletive language is an expression of anger and it is not to be considered as a cuss directed to the US Leader, President Barack Obama. This is in response to the reports made by International media which caused a big scene in the summit which was held in Laos earlier this week. On his Facebook page, Piñol wrote that it is clear that the phrase and words used by President Duterte was taken out of context by the International media.

He also wrote that the phrase used is his way of expressing anger on the issue and it is not meant to be an insult on President Obama. Piñol blamed the Filipino interpreters working for international media for the wrong translation in the President’s expletive speech. He also blamed the international media for spinning and twisting the issue to make it sound like President Duterte hurling an insult and cuss to the US Leader. As stated by Piñol, “It only becomes offensive when the line is directed at a person, as in ‘Putang Ina Mo!’ which means ‘Your Mother is a Whore.’”

The 28th and 29th Association of the Southeast Nations (ASEAN) summit began last Tuesday and was held in Vientiane, Laos. Leaders from 10 ASEAN countries are joined by ASEAN dialogue partners which included the United States. The talks between leaders are schedule and is said to be the highlight of the event.

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