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With this trending hashtag #DontBeLikeJimParedes, Politics.com.ph has caught a glimpse of an edited page of Jim Paredes’s Wikipedia through a screenshot, but was later retrieved to the original state. Probably it was not approved by Wikipedia itself or Paredes himself. ALSO READ: Jim Paredes in hot water after bullying a Duterte Youth member

The page reads:

Jaime Ramon “Jim” Paredes (born 31 August 1951) is a Filipino musician, producer, educator, writer, photographer, television personality, workshop facilitator, HYPOCRITE, and regressive activist best known for being one-third of the APO Hiking Society, along with Danny Javier and Boboy Garovillo.

At the right side of the page, it says:

Known for: Songwriter, television personality, columnist, photographer, author, bigot and a Liveral )yellow) puppet.

Even though the image is quite blurry you can notice the edited part:

Politics.com.ph writes:

Other more enterprising Paredes haters took to bastardizing the former recording artist’s Wikipedia page, which just before posting time was edited to call him a HYPOCRITE, an LP puppet, bigot, an alien from outer space and an Australian citizen.

You can see how angry people are to Paredes after that confrontation between him and a Duterte Youth member at EDSA on Saturday. Too angry that they have a strong desire to vandalize Paredes’s Wikipedia profile.

Along with angry netizens, celebrities also expressed their sentiment and disappointment through a video in social media.

{Source: politics.com.ph}


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