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In the wake of uncovering her issues with her ex-driver and alleged drug links with the sentenced drug rulers at the New Bilibid Prison, President Duterte has not gotten over his annoyance against Sen. Leila de Lima who requested him tested for rundown executions in Davao City when he was still city chairman.

“You know men judge best when they censure,” he said at a discourse in General Santos City on Friday.

Not able to shroud his indignation against the previous leader of the Commission of Human Rights, Duterte additionally depicted de Lima as “terrible” which is the reason he won’t go through a moment meeting with her.

“Ayaw ko naman sila patulan kasi pangit siya [I don’t want to engage with her because she is ugly],” he said.

Duterte has straightforwardly assaulted de Lima in his open discourses, including that he prior coordinated Justice Sec. Vitallano Aguirre to fabricate the charges against her.

“Pag sabi ko na, De Lima, go hang yourself… Alam ko na… Hinayaan ko sila Vit Aguirre,” he said.

As a President, Duterte said he had methods for knowing de Lima’s goings-on.



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