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Image from Senator Cayetano's Facebook

Image from Senator Cayetano’s Facebook

{The following letter is written by Senator Alan Peter Cayetano in his official Facebook page}

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano wrote a letter to US President Barack Obama to give President Rodrigo Duterte a chance, asserting that the Philippine Chief Executive has been misconceived by a few institutions.

In a public statement tended to Obama, Cayetano said:

“Does he (Duterte) not deserve to be judged on his record and his actions? On facts and not manipulated by statistics? On where he wants to bring the country rather than his sometimes politically incorrect words?”

Cayetano asserted that Duterte has been misinterpreted by a few areas in light of the way he talks, which he guaranteed was “aggravated by a misinformation campaign about the human rights situation in the country.”



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