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Ninoy Aquino is a hero.

No doubt about it (well sometimes I do because of her borderline megalomaniac daughter Kris), what he stood, fought and sacrificed for go way beyond the normal definition of martyrdom. It has surpassed the basic roots of heroism.

After all, he stated and did what he said… that “The Filipinos are worth dying for”.
The Filipinos are worth dying. Dying for. Died for. Hmmmm. Sounds like he planned the whole thing.
But what if he did.

What if Ninoy planned a hell of a way to end his colorful and yet, (back then because he clearly said that he no longer wanted to be the country’s president), failed political career. What if he foresaw the events that would shape the Philippines. What if he knew he would be a hero and that tyranny in his beloved country would end because of his heroism.


Fact. Ninoy Aquino went through not one but two open heart by pass surgeries in the states of Massachusetts in America.

Two by pass surgeries. Meaning the first one didn’t succeed or failed to meet the expected results. Ask any physician about having two by pass surgeries and most likely they’ll have an unfavorable explanation.

Is it possible Ninoy knew that he is nearing his end? And that dying from heart failure is not a favorable way of leaving the world for a man such as him? And that his fervor for freedom and democracy should be equaled and the cause his demise. Maybe. After all the Filipino is worth dying for.

Fact. Ninoy Aquino said on an interview that he no longer wanted to be the President. Ninoy knew as long as Ferdinand Marcos sits in his tyrannical throne that he would not be given a chance to become the leader of the Philippines.

Ninoy was at the end of his fighting days. He gave up the dream of beating Marcos in the political arena. Marcos’ political and suppressive machinery was just too much. Ninoy knew that, to the point that he told the press that he wouldn’t want to be the next president after Marcos.

He even pitied the next guy who would follow Marcos on the seat of Presidency. Ultimate irony for his wife Cory was that “guy”. It should have been Laurel which was originally planned but Cory was popularized by her husband’s death.

Is it possible that Ninoy, having accepted that Marcos was impossible to beat and that he will never have the chance to be the president devised a strategic plan to free his beloved country? What if he was willing to die… Sacrifice his life so that a tyrant would be expelled, so that his country would be free and his legacy, memory, his cause and what he fought for would not just be forgotten and will echo for eternity. What if he planned his own death and made it look like he was assassinated by his ever strong political demigod rival Marcos? Impossible? No. Its even probable. Because, after all, the Filipino is worth dying for.

Fact. Marcos literally owns the whole country then. He’s like the self proclaimed crowned King of the Philippines.

Marcos has only one possible equal that may topple him on his seat of power, Ninoy. But that rival practically conceded and was in exile in Boston. Only the rug rats of street parliamentarians remains as stones in his shoe. Most of which are behind bars because of his orders. Marcos is a very smart guy, a political genius that is a prime follower of the Machiavellian principle and a student of the art of war.

Why would Marcos assassinate a defeated rival? Why would he have Ninoy become a martyr? What was he to acquire to have Ninoy killed? Nothing. He knew that he will be blamed if Ninoy was to be assassinated. Did Ninoy take advantage of this situation? Was Ninoy willing to plan his own assassination so Marcos could get the blame and be toppled from power? Hard to Imagine that he foresaw the people power revolution. Hard to imagine but not impossible. Hey, after all, the Filipino is worth dying for.

Fact. On his last interview with the international and local press while on the plane at then Manila International Airport’s tarmac, Ninoy repeatedly and insisted that he was wearing a bullet proof vest and that he still could get killed if he was shot in the Head.

Why would a man who have assassination threats against him tell the press, practically the whole world that he was wearing a bullet proof vest? And why was he too indignant in stating that if he was to be shot in the head he would die.

If he was shot in the head he would die.

Ninoy knew that he would not survive the day. At his last interview moments before being shot to death at the tarmac, Ninoy a man of confidence and beaming of intelligence radiated a pale and agitated atmosphere. It was as if he definitely knew that it would end right there.

Did he? How could he know? Was it because he planned it to happen? Did he knew that after the interview, he would be escorted outside the planeand be shot in the head while climbing down the stairs? That he would die there and then. Maybe he knew. Death is worth everything and is more glorious for the sake of a country…

… because after all the Filipino is worth dying for.

How many chances does a man has to die for one’s country and be a hero? How many chances does a man has to sacrifice his life for the sake of martyrdom? Slim to none.

But there it was. Ninoy might have known it and took the plunge. His life for the country’s freedom and his heroic legacy etched in the annals of history.

I have nothing against Ninoy Aquino. I am not pro Marcos nor Anti Aquino. I am just a writer whose inquisitive nature came upon a realization that not everything seems what they appear to be.

But for the readers of this posts. If you were in Ninoy’s shoes, would you die for your own country and countrymen?

I would. Because… the Filipinos are really worth dying for.

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