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Despite calls for President Duterte to act like a statesman, he continues to condemn and lambasts critics urging him to talk less and focus on his job as the Philippine leader.

Duterte is known to talk tough and act tough which gained him die-hard fans and supports looking into his leadership style as an effective medicine for cancer-riddled and ailing Philippines.

But, his inability to control his temper has put the country into the bad light countless times. He spews on words after words, phrases after phrases of vile and vulgar worlds only to take it back the next day. His tenacity and undiplomatic way of speaking in public has caused the indignation of many – the United Nations, the United States President and even his co-politicians.

His allies are pleading to him to talk less and focus on his work as President, wherein he retorts and justifies that his leadership style is not for the big league and claiming that he is not going to be a statesman nor he aspires to be one.

In a news conference in Makati, he told local executives, “I don’t want to demean myself. Ang ugali ko talaga pang mayor lang (my character is only for a mayor). I’m not ready for the big league. Never mind my mouth. I never aspired to be a statesman.”

He added that he will still continue to talk tough and threatens drug menace until all drug pushers and users have already been taken out of the streets.

He also added: “They said I should stop making noise. No, I cannot stop. I’ll lose momentum. I cannot afford it. I’m now the president.

The momentum has to be there. That got me into trouble. But whose s**t was it? Was it mine? This is my country. There is no law which says I cannot threaten criminals either as a mayor or president. If anyone disagrees, give me the provision or law.

This is in response after some lawmakers have advised Duterte to be more careful with his statements, noting that his pronouncements have stirred controversies and elicited negative reactions here and abroad.


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