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TV5’s newscaster Ed Lingao connected with netizens in a “verbal confrontation” Sunday (June 26) on what constituted as “news-casting” in the period of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte.

Lingao declared a debate subsequent to perusing a story on politics.com.ph about how Mocha Uson, a hot entertainer, “outscooped” conventional journalists when she figured out how to get a one-on-one meeting with Duterte.

Lingao posted a connection of the politics.com.ph story on his Facebook page alongside a snide comment. “Captivating. So now, a visit by an eager supporter is characterized as news coverage,” he composed, obviously alluding to Mocha.

In a Facebook post, Mocha exposed that she got hold of Duterte at the “Malacañang of the South” in Panacan, Davao by drawing closer contacts she made amid the crusade.

Lingao would later alter his post to issue this “test” to assumed news-casting specialists:

“The comments can really be so interesting. People, please note that I do not care about your political affiliations. This remark is about how we perceive the role of journos, and curiously, how people think they can and should do away with media. You can glean that from many of the comments here. So I do not care if you are pro or anti Digong. But if you presume to lecture me about journalism, be sure you know what you are talking about or you are likely to get nailed. Oh and people, please keep your comments respectable,” he said.

The post has amassed 130 comments and 122 shares as of writing.

Mocha’s “scoop” came in the midst of Duterte’s blacklist of mainstream media.

Not long ago, Lingao snatched features when Facebook erased his post wherein he pummeled the proposed entombment of previous President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani–something that Duterte endorsed.



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