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Netizen comments on de lima

{DISCLAIMER: The following post is a comment from Facebook user named Tina Geneveo Pagaran}

Even if De Lima wants to throw something against Duterte now, she simply has nothing to throw. Duterte has already admitted all his colors from the start of the election!

So that’s a lesson straight from the veteran. Don’t just join politics pretending to be clean then attack other leaders. Expose who you are first, so that when somebody throws that to you, it won’t matter because you have already “stolen the thunder” as Duterte always said in his Mayor days. That’s why Nograles as brilliant as he is wasn’t able to put him down.

So iiyak iyak ka nalang! You seemed off guard. You didn’t saw that coming didn’t you Maam? Cause you are not yet a seasoned politician and then you decided to lead the yellow camp as an attack dog for the President who is a Veteran!

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  1. Rena Anchales Palispis

    It’s all true all along, I know it that De Lima is one drug protector. She has to answer to all Filipino people. And those who vote for you they just want the money cause they are hungry. I’m not an ordinary citizen am also a Canadian Filipino who have relatives like Robin Padilla and my grandpa is on politics for so many years during Marcos time. I have so much respect for the president now coz he’s done so much in no time, so thank you Mr. Pres. Du30 and shut up you De Lima you are a dirty politician and a you look like a whore in the picture, shame on you, you are a fuc…..whore….

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