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{DISCLAIMER: The following article is written by Jose Alejandrino in his Facebook post.}


When the local media twisted his words, President Duterte ordered no more press conferences.

When the president called PLDT’s Manny V Pangilinan a foreign puppet, he was delivering a message.

It was the same message to Leila de Lima who had slandered him with baseless accusations of vigilante killings and human rights violations but herself was immoral and corrupt.

It was the same message to Catholic bishops he called hypocrites by violating the constitutional provision on the separation of Church and State.

It was the same message to foreign ambassadors who had no right to meddle in the internal affairs of the country they were accredited to.

It was the same message to foreign media like CNN.

It was the same message to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

It was the same message to US President Barack Obama who dared lecture him on human rights.
It is the same message to all his critics.

Clearly President Duterte is not the kind to be pushed around, particularly when they got their facts wrong. He was elected to do a job and nothing will stop him from doing it.

He is prepared to lose his honor, his life, the presidency.

An overwhelming majority of Filipinos trust him. They don’t care if he cusses and curses. All they are interested in are results.

His political enemies bent on destroying him have not grasped the public mood. They continue to obstruct his program. There lies their Waterloo.

When the people grant him revolutionary powers, they will finally understand.

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  1. He is the only 1rst pres. Of the Philippine who bring back the dignity… Integrity to the Pilipino people . His the the only Pres. Who’s never look up into politics but just want to served the country…. We love you mr. President… D30…..!

  2. he love our country more than his life…go, go, go mr.president.hwag kng patitinag s mga kalaban.we pray for u always.take care always…

  3. Just do what is right and we the Pilipinos are always behind you Mr. PRESIDENT DUTERTE…

  4. It was alleged that Kiko Pangilinan’s wife Sharon Cuneta was one of the celebrities who joined that lavish concert in National Bilibid Prison. How true was this. Is this the reason why he Kiko Pangilinan did not participate in the voting to oust Delima as chair of the committee on justice? Gosh!! what is happening to these group of credible people whom I admired as good public servants and leaders!! I need an explanations. Thank you.

  5. President D30 stripped them naked for what they are cynthia ..a sham..plastic..pera2x lng ang goal nila..no luv for the country

  6. Some media people are the ones provoking the President’s emotion by their question and publish them negatively. Maybe it’s their strategy to pull down his image to the public. What is your purpose (media people)?
    Why can’t your ask developmental questions that will help build up a better country to live? Our President (as I see and understand him)is very passionate in solving our country’s problem that nobody should push him around to derail his goal. Naturally his response to the question is harsh and nasty.

  7. Edwin Madria

    I continue my full support to our beloved president degung until he is willing to be our president? God bless you mr. President!!! Mabuhay ang pilipinas!!!!!

  8. these evil minded people is trying to jeopardized the on going progress of the nation there mentality is self centered and a very thin understanding but be patient our president are moving forward to clear the obstacles that got on his way with the help of broader minded people that look upon the future of the next generation . . go for it mr. president we will back you out in any direction and we will extend our muscles to fight what is right on everything to what ever it takes for us to help you depend our country

  9. Mr. President DU30 had lambasted all his critics and detractors while serving his mandate, that is why majority of our people have trusted and supported him so much . No other president of the country have done a remarkable actions and love for the country and bring back the dignity & integrity of the Filipino people . We love you Mr. President !!!

  10. Don’t give up tatay Digong .go for it for what is right to our country for the coming generation future.May God bless and protect u tatay Digong ?

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