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In a recent President Duterte’s inspection of the alleged Shabu lab at Arayat, Pampanga, he said at the last part of the press conference, answering to the last question of one journalist with regard to the issue of Leila De Lima and himself, Duterte said he actually to have lost appetite to eat food because of the s3x video he saw wherein De Lima and the alleged ex-driver are having s3xual intercourse.

Duterte said on the last part:

“The reason why I don’t anymore read articles on De Lima is because ever since napanood ko yung classic na x-rated na de lima vs driver, sa totoo lang ang tiyan ko o lumiit…nawalan na ako ganang kumain. I lost my appetite. Parang may nakita akong baboy don na nag untol untol sa…”

Untol untol means ‘bouncing’ in English. In Tagalog it means ‘tumatalbog talbog’ as in a ball.

See the last part of this recorded video just a few moments ago as of writing this post (Watch at -2:39):


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