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Do not click the image above. Watch the video below.

Do not click the image above. Watch the video below.

A video of Marcos’s speech before the National Press Club of America is making rounds on the Internet. This video first came out in YouTube in January 30, 2014, then it spread out in many different social media sites. In Facebook, it gained thousands of shares in different fan pages and groups.

In this video, former President Marcos was doing his speech to the National Press Club on September 17, 1982. A clip was obtained from a full speech video that lasted for almost an hour. The video was originally made by Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network (C-SPAN).

In the video, Marcos is explaining that he did not declare Martial Law all by himself. At first, before proclaiming martial law, he said he asked the legislation to pass the law because there was anarchy in the country.

Marcos also said that he requested the legislators to pass the law because the opposition was strong. He added that there were also members of the security council who somehow adapted the law to require an unanimous vote so that the Armed Forces will be able to mobilize around the country. He said he also asked the opposition party to join him and build a coalition government.

He also asked the advice of the judiciary, the supreme court justices (including the court of appeals justices) and private sectors. All of them told him that there is only one man who can proclaim martial law, and that was him, the president.

Watch the video below and listen to the full speech:


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