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{Content has been updated for accuracy, June 27, 2016, 8:45 PM}

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{DISCLAIMER: The following article is written by ANTONIO SANTOS, sourced from jamesparmis.net. You can check the original post here.}

The REASON why Duterte INSULTED (and rightly so) Manny V. Pangilinan, one of the country’s richest men. And why you should read this post, so that you can help President Duterte deal with this traitor of a businessman.

What most Filipinos don’t know is that Manny V. Pangilinan, or MVP, is NOT as brilliant a businessman as the Jesuits extol him to be. I have made a post, some months ago, about the fact that MP was able to “build” a business empire, in record time, due to his consenting to be a puppet of Anthoni Salim of Indonesia.

Anthoni Salim’s money was inherited from his late father who was a crony of the Indonesian crooked dictator Suharto. Salim controls many vital Philippine businesses, something that is EXPLICITLY PROHIBITED by the Philippine Constitution. But the previous Presidents just looked the other way, probably due to the fact that what they were looking at was a huge pile of money.

You are making this Indonesian Salim richer when you do the following:

A) When you turn on the light or any electric gadget, for Salim owns MERALCO.

B) When you use your cell phone for Salim controls Smart and Sun, which together has almost 70% of the market.

C) If you live in the western part of greater Manila, in any of its 17 cities and towns, and you turn on the water, for Salim controls Maynilad Water Services, the country’s biggest water concession.

D) When you travel on the expressways, part of the toll you’ll pay goes to Salim, through his Manila North Tollways and Cavitex, which together make up the country’s largest tollway operator that runs 64 percent of the country’s toll roads.

E) If you are rich, or have health insurance, and you get sick you’d be probably treated in one of his six hospitals, which include the most prestigious ones like Cardinal Santos, Makati Medical Center, St. Luke’s, Asian Hospital in Alabang, etc.

F) when you buy either two of the country’s biggest newspapers, Philippine Daily Inquirer and Philippine Daily Inquirer, which Salim controls.

G) when you watch TV-5 programs, for Salim control this too.

H) when you make subscribe to an internet DSL connection or a land phone in Metro Manila and in many key cities in the Philippines, for Salim controls PLDT, Philcom, etc.

You must surely have noticed that the HUGE COMPANIES are companies that are ESSENTIAL to the SECURITY and SAFETY of this country. And yet, the previous governments allowed these to be controlled by a CROOKED FOREIGNER, by the name of Anthoni Salim.

On his part, Ateneo golden boy Manny Pangilinan gets almost ONE MILLION PESOS of salary per day from the parent company, First Pacific.

Add to that the fact that he also gets salaries and directors’ fees in at least 40 of Salim’s firms in the Philippines.

MVP is easily the HIGHEST PAID EXECUTIVE, by far, in the history of this country.
His salaries alone are more than 30 MILLION PESOS a month. HEY, I DID NOT SAY THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER.

Is this guy the heroic investor that the propaganda has tried to portray him to be, or has he betrayed his country by paying his way to getting VITAL INDUSTRIES get controlled by Anthoni Salim?
MVP IS USED TO BOSSING the Presidents before. But when he told Duterte to leave business alone, Duterte immediately replied,

“Just remember, you are only a puppet of the foreign based Salim Group, while I am the elected President of the Republic of the Philippines!”

President Duterte, go for it. Send this treacherous and arrogant violater of the Constitution to jail. The people are behind you.


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About the author: Baroy


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  1. We’re with you #PresidentDuterte. Manny Pangilinan has been used to dictating the previous Presidents, especially since he has given campaign money to most of them. This is the first time he’s unable to call all the shots. Please know MVP that the people are standing by #PresidentDu30 and his decisions in running Philippines. If the people chooses to come together to make a statement, a conglomerate can be toppled down. People will no longer be bullied and tramped on and accept the same status quo. You’re a Filipino too, so please think of helping the people make their lives better. You and your business partners are all so capable of doing so. Also, please help President Du30 and not contradict him. The people will thank you for it.

  2. Richard Montilla

    Kaya subramg mahal ng bilihin dahil ito nagpapahirap sa ating mga Pilipino.. dapat mahinto na ito ni President Digong para sa kinabukasan ng bansang Pilipinas

  3. Jeminah Birkner

    I did not make this article- please remove my name.

  4. wilmer andrada

    Baroy, you should join the Duterte administration and be in charge of press releases . This informative and insightful article really impressed me.

  5. Casidel B. Ocubillo

    mayor pres digong , fight for it … we will 100% support u if its for the good of many..

  6. change is coming. salim conglomerate must stop bleeding filipinos dry. they must be sued for violating the constitution. president duterte is a man of his word. mvp should now prepare for a battle against the filipino people. he has started it, so by july 30th he should begin knelling down on his way to the office of the new president. for the day of reckoning has come. your time is up, to make the internet service at par with the world.

  7. Good to know the dirty tactics of voracious businessmen when it comes to money..expose them, let the people know whats going on around

  8. ngayun lang natin nauunawaan kung bakit nung panahon ni marcos ay hinawakan ng gobyerno ang mga malalaking negosyo, katulad ng s kuryente, gasolina mga ospital for the security of this country while ang mga sumunod na mga namuno ay ibenenta naman sa mga negosyante. GO FOR IT DIGONG….

  9. Lourdes Trundell

    President Duterte has 100% backing of the people. MVP has gained his wealth illegal so he should be investigated and stripped of their wealth and jailed for life, the corruption has to be cleaned up from the top down, also looking forward to Gina Lopez cleaning up the mining industry ASAP. We support President Duterte 100%.

  10. nilo inosanto

    simply the word monopoly. not helping the country to move on.

  11. writer really is with crab mentality and has a very narrow mind. so what id salin is a major investor in the mvp group. for crying out loud mvp is investing in cellsites, power stations, pumping stations toll roads, buildings tv stations et al. salim can never uproot these from our country. so let them invest more hard capital if they want to this is for the good of the economy and the country. what has the critic/writer contributed to the econmy?

  12. James Bligh

    If you read the comments in the original jamesparmis.net article, there are some interesting revelations, namely that Duterte NEVER called MVP a puppet and NEVER insulted MVP at all. Show me, if you can, a reliable source that contains the quote. They only appear in private blogs like of jamesparmis and in private Facebook pages, usually preceded by ‘allegedly’, ‘purportedly’, etc.. They certainly do not appear in Duterte’s official Twitter or FB accounts or in any news organization. Sorry, Mr. Antonio Santos, but you have allowed yourself to be misled to dissemninating falsehood by purveyors of lies and deception who are not beyond using our President’s name fraudulently to advance their cause by riding on public outrage, playing them for fools. (In fairness, jamesparmis simply quoted the questionable source. The question though is whether he knew it was false.) Now I wonder who would have most to gain by inventing this lie? My bet is the Communists, who hate everything about business. Sorry, comrades, but Pres. Duterte has already reached out to the business community for his 10 pt economic agenda. And, yes, he has stated repeatedly he does not believe in nationalizing industry like you do. And speaking of reaching out, he has already reached out to the Communists, and this is how you repay him? By inventing scurrilous lies about him?

  13. Hi, just wanted to make one comment which is very important… I am not a muslim but one person is not representing for all of our muslim brother… the religion is nothing to do with the issue you are pointing out here… please be responsible and fair to your article that can offended others, our Mayor president will not be happy if he ever have a chance to read your article of being biase and irresponsible journalism…

  14. Erlinda B. Alabanza

    If investments are welcome , it should be controlled so that the foreigner investors have no dominance over the Filipino investors. One investor having a monopoly should not be allowed. Again there ought to be control in the hands of the government not aliens or even a singular Filipino investor.

  15. Ace meriel

    there is some truth to this, but Salim is not a muslim, He is Chinese indonesian. being a muslim or religion has no relevance on this issue.


      I agree people should stop tagging a person as a Muslim when something nasty is going on. as the President said. STOP, STOP IT. We are simply FILIPINOs. As to MVP and his businesses, why are we reacting so much if we have so much foreign investors here in the Philippines. Is Hongkong not similarly situated, maybe we could find a channel that can be beneficial to all concern to thresh things out instead of behaving like a hysterical mob against MVP or a blind fanatic behind DU30. Again lets STOP, STOP IT. MVP also please do some reconciliatory efforts to pacify DU30. Maybe you could DONATE a huge some of money for the drug addicts rehabilitation and GRANT one of your tollways to the Philippines. TOLL FREE anyone. Why not indeed. hehehe. DONATION IS tax deductible in businesses. DU30 will issue an official receipt hehehe subject to COA audit and to be reported in DU30 next SONA address. END OF DISCUSSION.

  16. These are the tentacles from outside world of a corrupt government and businessman which upholds and control the wealth of the Filipino people.
    So be it, any local employees affiliated to the government should be hold for conducting businesses outside and inside the Philippine controlled territory.

  17. rafernandez

    Kung a alis Ang grupo,di kaya Maraming mawalan ng trabaho?

  18. Joena V. Gonzales

    Uhmmm…ok. We will wait and see if Mr. Duterte will be able to fight oligarchs, bring in investors to make services better.

  19. Jose Sta Ana

    The question is…. how many MVP/Salim companies do provide employment to Filipinos? How many Filipino families are benefiting from these businesses? Can you give me the figures? Then let’s discuss.

  20. Please give the present administration to do his best shot, trust and confidence play, let him do his job. He is a wise man.

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