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A funny photo of Danny Javier (member of the musical group APO Hiking Society, popular in the 70’s and 80’s) and President Rodrigo Duterte has gone viral online these past several hours. The photo is the parody of Jim Paredes’s satirical ‘look at me’ or ‘Lukatme’ that has spread the social media on Sunday. ALSO READ: Jim Paredes hold grudges against Duterte since college days

The ‘look at me’ satire began after Jim Paredes’s controversial confrontation between him and the Duterte Youth members.

Just a few hours ago as of writing this post, this picture was created.

President Duterte gave a funny look while staring at Danny Javier.

What makes it funnier is that Danny Javier and Jim Paredes belong to the same band but each differ in opinions, especially in politics.

Danny is obviously for President Duterte and Jim Paredes is not.

This is simply to show that Javier don’t agree or don’t like what Paredes’s did to the Duterte Youth members during the EDSA rally anniversary last Saturday.

Danny Javier was one of the celebrities who campaigned for Rodrigo Duterte during the presidential elections in May 2016.

FYI: According to Wikipedia, APO in the band name APO Hiking Society is not in reference to the Mt. Apo of Davao City, the highest peak of the Philippines. APO is derived from Apolinario Mabini, short for APOlinario.


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