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Image from Inquirer.net

Image from Inquirer.net

President Duterte is on the hot pursuit of all drug lords and drug offenders in the country. His call for their immediate destruction has yielded 60,000+ surrenderees and almost 200 killed in police operations. While this is seen as a very big positive result in a short span of time, others have criticized the President’s silencing of the small time drug offenders. They are claiming that the drug lords are still out there and free roaming. One analyst says that some drug lords have been incarcerated but are only freely cooking shabu inside the national prison.

One of these drug lords is Herbert “Ampang” Colangco. He is one of the high profile inmates in bilid and is suspected to be behind a multimillion peso drug production and selling in the country. But who exaclty is “Ampang” Colangco and how did he end up being in the list of Duterte’s “target”.

As of this writing, he is now of 40ish of age. Unlike most prisoners in the Bilibid, he looks like as if he just had a massage at a spa center. Young looking, lean built and styled gel may have you mistaken him as a visitor or as an employee rather than a prisoner. This look is a far cry to the master mind behind the notorious gang that had terrorized much of the country’s banks and rich businessmen.

According to him, he started out as a normal teenager. Someone who dreams of things and is very playful. He didn’t perform well at school so he stucked close to the smart kids to be able to get answer to homeworks and some quiz pointers. He would then exchange it with services to the guys who gave him answers like delivering love notes to other students from his smart friends, carrying their bags or defending them from bullies. It was the start of Ampang’s display of cunning in a young age.

A few years passed, he wasn’t able to finish high school and combine that with poor living conditions, the aspiring boy had to make ends meet. He started out small time like many known criminals like pick pocketing and snatching. At the ripe age of 19 he then had formed his own group and started the acts of banditry in the country. But unlike the well known “kuratong baleleng” group, his was a silent one. Targeting small banks and establishments and slowly gaining reputation as a fearsome gang. When the “Kuratong Baleleng” group dissolved because of intensive police crackdowns, some of the members of the KB joined his group and it was the birth of the Ozamis gang. With the inclusion of the veterans in the core of young feisty men, the group went on to terrorize many cities in the Philippines.

After a few years of being a successful criminal, his group crumbled and he was captured by police authorities and sentenced life-time imprisonment. There, he reportedly found faith and started to think about his life seriously. Within the term of Secretary Leila De Lima, under the Aquino presidency, there were reports of prisoners being able to live comfortably inside the prison. One of them was Ampang. The raid yielded air-conditioned rooms, well built music studios, and rooms that even rival hotel rooms. They had good home appliances like flat screen TVs, automatic washing machines, and being able to hold programs and events like parties inside the maximum security. He even has a recording studio has been able to record an album inside the prison itself! Imagine all the perks that he gets.

The raids also yielded drug parapernalia and even machines and ingredients for cooking shabu. This sparked outrage in the public that had the Department of Justice scrambling for information and conduction investigation left and right. Ampang and his minions were also placed in the spotlight with his lavish “kubol” or cell inside the prison. Retired Police General and now Daanbantayan Mayor Vicente Loot has admitted being friends with Ampang. The extent of that friendship is still to be verified. He is also suspected for being the sponsor of cooking drugs inside the Bilibid and is the target of President Digong’s fury against drugs and criminality.





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  1. And De Lima sang on his birthday party too. The supposed to be raid by her and her cohorts at DOJ was a stage show for the coming election and a little bit of Bautista ….and Walla! you got her snatching a seat in senate!

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