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SPO3 Arthur Lascanas is once again testifying in the Senate today.

This time he will be confessing a statement contrary to what he told the Senate some months ago.

In the first Senate hearing on the alleged EJK, with Matobato as the star witness, Lascanas who also testified that there was no death squad in Davao. Now, he will twist his previous statement, saying that DDS or Davao Death Squad indeed existed, and President Duterte is the mastermind, even including PRRD as the one who ordered the killing of broadcaster and Alsa Masa leader, Jun Pala.

Lacson told there will be inviting police chiefs of davao city, including representatives from PNP (Philippine National Police) and the COHR (Commission of Human Rights).

Lascanas allegations now is indeed serious. It was Senator Trillanes who made the manifestation in the plenary session hall of the Senate to make this investigation possible. Trillanes made a motion to do a formal investigation. The senators made a forum about it and all of them were surprised that the majority voted for in favor of the investigation.

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