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Image from PhilStar and maniolas.com

Image from PhilStar and maniolas.com

{DISCLAIMER:The following post is written by Jose Alejandrino in his Facebook account.}

One of our problems is we have too many talkers, not enough thinkers, especially in the Senate which the Opposition uses as a convenient platform to block the president’s program of reform, notably his war on illegal drugs by conducting inquiries supposedly in aid of legislation.
The LP, as I wrote in postings before the May elections were held, realized it could not win the presidency.

So it shifted its strategy to winning the vice-presidency and a majority of the Senate. It needed to win the vice-presidency by hook or by crook to replace Duterte, That was the marching order of outgoing President Aquino.

I also laid out the LP strategy after the elections, as I saw it, to bring the president down and replace him with Leni Robredo. The central piece of this strategy is to erode Duterte’s popularity by crippling his program.


Firstly, by obstructing his war on illegal drugs.

The Senate provided a convenient platform with Leila de Lima leading the charge, backstopped by other LP senators like Frank Drilon and Antonio Trillanes. The idea was to gain publicity mileage aimed primarily at the international press.

The opening shot was provided by CNN when its reporter asked the president in his interview when the extrajudicial killings would stop.

It was followed up by human rights activists like Cookie Diokno accusing Duterte of waging a war against the poor in her interview on Australia’S 60 Minutes.

Then came the rally in New York picturing Duterte as a mass murderer.

The UN and the US State Department spokesman warned Duterte of human rights violations.

All this is a concerted and coordinated campaign to scare foreign investors. No foreign investments will cripple the president’s socio-economic program.

Note the subtlety by which the LP is going about it. Trillanes told PNP chief Bato that Duterte won’t always be around to protect them, implying that the president won’t last long.

In effect his message to the police was, Stop supporting the president.

During her US tour, Leni Robredo said her role as VP was to wait for something to happen to the president.

Some wondered whether she had a death wish. I think she was just being candid about what could happen in the future.

It did not help that we have a Senate president who is an idiot giving Leila de Lima the chairmanship of the judicial and human rights committee.

This is like giving her a loaded gun. He had played right into the LP hands.

Nor did it help he did nothing to stop a useless Senate inquiry.

One begins to wonder on whose side he is on.

The events we now see unfolding, as I had written and predicted before, point to a plot to unseat the president.

The question is, Do we Dutertistas wait until it happens or do we pre-empt it now?


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  1. cynthia estrada

    Liberal party color is blue not yellow. Yellow movement is not a political party. It is a coalition.

  2. Jer E. Berg

    The US and British authorities & media are not interested in human rights–any more than when they couped Allende in Chile in the 1970s. And killed him. Then Sec’y of State Kissinger–an 2016 endorser of Hillary Clinton–was never prosecuted for that ‘extra-judicial killing.’ Funny no pro-drug, anti-EJK PH pols have called for prosecuting US and Brit figures for such killings. No biting the hand that feeds you, eh? Anti-Duterte PH pols are in tough spot. Intell agencies will bury them if they support anything DU30 does. And their neighbors will bury them if they do not back a real war on drugs

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