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In a recent news, Senator Panfilo Lacson before the New Year’s Eve said that Duterte should stop acting like a mayor and start acting as a president in 2017.

Lacson said that he admired Duterte on his passion to fight illegal drugs and to make Philippines a great nation respectable from all countries in the world. But first, Lacson said Duterte should start to become a real leader. Lacson said the very first thing that he should do is to go to Google and search for ‘How to become a real statesman’

In a statement Lacson said:

“He could very well be the best president we’ve ever had if he learns to discard some old habits of a mayor and develop some good traits of a national leader.”

Senator Lacson also said that Duterte should become ‘multi-dimensional’ in 2017. And that Duterte should also focus on other country’s problem like corruption rather than concentrating on the war on illegal drugs.

Lacson said:

“Corruption in government is one area where he can really make a difference, owing to his political will and resoluteness in getting things done.”

The former PNP Chief also said said he wants Duterte to triumph on his goal in making the Philippines a ‘worthy of respect’ from the rest of the countries in the world.

But then again, as Lacson advised, Duterte should use Google first to know how to become a real statesman.


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