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“Kailanman ay hindi pwedeng utusan ni Duterte ang rebolusyunaryong grupo na sumunod sa kanyang gusto.”

That’s a part of the statement of the Communist Party of the Philippines founding chairman Jose Maria Sison.

Said Sison was set to issue an order to the leadership of the CPP – NPA eight o’clock tonight saying that they declare a ceasefire in order for their staff .

Sison added: “masyadong butangero yang si Duterte at gusto niya ay gulo agad….kung ayaw niya ng katahimikan eh di huwag…”

Butangero in English means, a bully, a thug, gangster, one who always beat up people.

Sison explained that Duterte ignored his negotiators.

Sison also called a ‘bully’ Duterte said it would not work in the revolutionary movement.

Sison, leader of the CPP-NPA in the Philippines will decide if he continues his conversation with Duterte ‘s government or not.

At around five in the afternoon, the deadline given by Duterte to the CPP-NPA to explain the ambush of the CAFGU personnel and military in Daval del Norte, has already expired.


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