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Image from Reuters

Image from Reuters

Is Philippines Run By an Atheist President?

“What if there is no God?”

These words spewed out of the mouth of Philippine leader President Rodrigo Duterte as a response to his critics. This is after Duterte proposes to reinstate death penalty in the country, and critics are hell-bent in arguing that only God can take a person’s life.

During the oath-taking of Malacañang Press Corps officials, Duterte pitches to revive capital punishment because he laments that Filipinos nowadays disregard the law due to supposed lack of fear.

With Duterte questioning and claiming that God does not exist, an official of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) released a statement saying that, “The President is trying to subliminally convince us that his plans are the best for the country. It implicitly justifies too his intention to govern based on his own rules and designs and not of anybody else.”

The Philippines is largely a Catholic country, and it seems like it is being ran by an atheist or agnostic. The separation of church and state is long overdue and in circumstances like this one, our moral ascendancy is being questioned.

Reinstating death penalty in this country might have been the right mixture to lessen criminality rate in the country. But how can we agree on reinstating capital punishment when the church begs to differ?

If a 5 year old kid has been raped multiple times by his own father and the court favors capital punishment for the suspect… Would it be a sin to lessen another psychopathic sexually deviant in the country?

All of these arguments have been nothing but a showcase in the many ways the constitutional provision of Separation of Church and State has been nothing more than a joke in this country and it is only ever brought up as an issue when people’s privilege on the matter is challenged.

If the president knows what to do with country and if the criminality rate lowers down because of capital punishment, would it be much of a big deal that an atheist or agnostic is running the country?


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