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Image from Ira Panganiban's Facebook

Image from Ira Panganiban’s Facebook

In a Facebook post published on Saturday, Ira Panganiban got furious about the opinions of the media on Duterte’s war against illegal drug syndicates.

Panganiban said that it is so disappointing that why the Philippine Daily Inquirer has a data on the number of killings in the county since Dutere started the anti-drug campaign less than a month ago. The paper said that it has 400 people already got killed, according to Ira Panaganiban.

Panganiban expresed that it is surprising that why the publishing company revealed that number so brazenly but did not disclose the number of killings during PNoy’s time.

This then have Panganiban revealed that during the Pnoy administration, on May to June 2014, Quezon City had a huge number of killings in that span of time. It had 993. 993 people had been killed in a span of two months. Duterte only has 400, according to Inquirer’s data.

Read on Panganiban’s post below:

Syet da pwet!!!!

Let’s call a spade a spade.

Andaming matatalino sobrang ingay tungkol sa pagpatay sa mga pusher at adik!!!
These so-called decent and progressive thinkers all cry about the number of killings since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed his post.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer even has a running tally of the killings in their pages. The last number I looked at is 400+ nationwide!!! (Sorry PDI kayo lang may running tally eh.)

So, where was the Inquirer in 2014? Did they have a running tally then?


In May-June of 2014, the PNP recorded 993 riding-in-tandem killings in Quezon City alone!!!!
Sa Quezon City pa lang yan!!!!

Syet da pwet! Dalawang buwan lang at sa QC lang!!!!

And according to QCPD records, most of the killings are drug related with QC having the highest drug problem nationwide!!!!

Ulitin natin!

993 riding-in-tandem dead from May-June 2014 in Quezon City alone!!!! Mostly Drug related cases pa!!!!
Eh ano ang numero for the whole of 2014? Or 2013? Or 2012? Or 2011? Or 2015?

Meron bang mga drug adik at pusher na sumuko in those years? Gaano kadami? Umabot ba ng 75,000?
Bumaba ba ang crime rate incidents noon? May natukoy bang high ranking, high profile drug protectors?
Ngawngaw tayo ng ngawngaw ng “it could be us next.” Eh yung mga nauna ng mga biktima ng drug related terminations nasaan tayo noon?

Magbigay kaya tayo ng creative solutions? Puntahan kaya natin yung mga sumukong adik at pusher at bigyan natin ng pag-asa? Magtayo kaya tayo ng organisasyon na tutulong sa mga nagbalik loob para umayos ang buhay nila?

Hindi yung “ay adik at pusher, kadiri to death” ang ugali ninyo!!!

Leche!!! Para kayong commercial ng sabon!!! Yung 91% naging malinis na, kayo na lang ang natitira. Mga germs!!!

Read the original post below:


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  1. Salamanders

    Because our Past Government is rotten to the extreme!,been blinded by Power & Greed, personal agenda’s are more important to them than our Republic of the Philippines.Their bank account details are more secured than our Country’s Current situation.It is time to eradicate all The DEMONS eating our Country’,!!! Filipinos stand as one & we have to support our Chief Executive till the end….

  2. The figures I read are different. In a five-year period from 2010 to 2015, QC recorded (in it’s official report to the PNP) 961 murders and 966 homicides. Aren’t these the categories riding-in-tandem killings should be included?

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